Why WordPress Development is a Good Idea Instead of Instant Solutions through WordPress.com?

WordPress is exceptional (and popular) open source web software that helps build beautiful websites and blog sites. WordPress is so versatile and powerful that out of the top 10 million websites, over 22% use it. Aside from this, its cost also plays a crucial role for its wide usage. Bearing a GNU GPLv2 free software license, anyone who knows programming can download and use WordPress to create a website. Besides, there’s WordPress.com (a web hosting service provider) as well where individuals and businesses—who don’t know web programming—can go and create a WordPress website for free.

Using WordPress.com is not a bad choice for people who just want to create an online presence with a blog site. While businesses too can use WordPress.com for website solutions, it is not a good choice. Businesses in almost every case need a website in order to cover wider market and get a substantial edge over their competition. Thinking they are getting a free website solution, businesses will not be able to reap much out of the website created at WordPress.com. Despite offering excellent service, WordPress.com limits certain features in their free package. Here are some of the features that are locked by WordPress.com:


WordPress.com does not offer unlimited storage. With its free plan, WordPress.com offers only 3 GB of storage. While 3 GB might sound enough, it does not include storage of music or video files. It means that apart from text and image files, one cannot store anything else. Of course, there is a business plan available that enables unlimited storage. For that, however, a business has to pay $299 per year as long as it wishes to continue having unlimited storage.

Domain Name

One can use custom domain name only with the premium or business account. Individuals or businesses opting free account will get “.wordpress.com” in their website name. Such a domain name will certainly look unprofessional. Imagine ebay.wordpress.com instead of just ebay.com; it certainly does not make an impression (and it sounds ridiculous).

Registering a new custom domain name through WordPress.com is possible; it will cost $18 per domain, per year. Mapping an existing domain (the one that is already owned) to WordPress.com will cost $13 per domain, per year. In the case if a business wants to hide its identity and contact info, it will further need to pay $8.


Unwanted random ads on a business website can indeed mar the impression of a business. When a business or individual opts for a free plan at WordPress.com, they will have to bear with random unwanted ads. The only way to eliminate these ads is by upgrading to the premium or business plan. And the premium and business plans at WordPress.com cost $99 and $299 per year respectively.


WordPress.com does not offer free ecommerce functionality. Under its free and premium plans, WordPress.com curbs its ecommerce functionality. This means that a business will not be able to sell its products and services through its website despite creating it with free or premium plans.

The only way to avail the ecommerce option through WordPress.com is to purchase or upgrade to the business plan. By using the WordPress.com business plan, one can integrate Shopify or Ecwid ecommerce solution to their WordPress website. Again, in order to use the business plan at WordPress.com, one has to pay $299 annually.

Aside from above, there are several other limitations one faces while creating a website through WordPress.com. WordPress is a great platform, but creating a business website through WordPress.com is not such a great option. Instead, a business can approach a professional web development company that can provide custom WordPress development service. Choosing WordPress development over a solution by WordPress.com is beneficial in numerous ways.For starters, individuals and businesses will not have to face the limitations that WordPress.com has.Further, WordPress development by a web development company offers customize or personalize website solutions. The initial cost of WordPress development over the solutions by WordPress.com may seem high, but in the long term, it is very economical as it eliminates the annual recurring charges of premium and business WordPress.com plans.

So to conclude, WordPress is an excellent platform for website solutions. But, instead of choosing instant website solutions through WordPress.com, one should select custom WordPress development service. With custom WordPress development service, nothing is limited—except tech chops!

Asp net Development

What is ASP.NET & Why Choose ASP.NET Development?

If you are tech savvy, knowing what websites and web applications are, then you probably might have heard of Microsoft ASP.NET. You might even know that it is a web application framework. However, do you really know what exactly a web application framework is?

A web application framework is a collection of libraries, templates, tool sets and all other features that help reduce the redundant common task pertaining to website or web application development. Using a web application framework, developers can create websites, web applications, and other web resources efficiently as well as quickly. Since the developers have all the ready-to-use components, i.e. libraries, templates, and so on, all they will be requiring to do in order to create a solution is “unique coding”. By “unique coding”, we mean writing computer instructions as per the requirement of the website or web application. These computer instructions also include various logics. Hope this clears the question about web application framework.


With web application framework out of the way, let us know something about Microsoft’s ASP.NET. Successor to Active Server Pages technology (another Microsoft web application framework), ASP.NET facilitates developers build websites, web applications and other web resources. The framework supports several computer programming languages, including JScript .NET, Visual Basic .NET, Python, and Perl.

ASP.NET web application framework is purely built on the .NET framework, which offers an application program interface (API) to the programmers or developers. For an ASP.NET website or web application to work properly, the developers need to deploy it on a web server, which supports ASP.NET applications. The most common web server that developers use these days to deploy ASP.NET website or web application is Microsoft’s IIS (Internet Information Services) web server. Developers can use other open-source web servers, but they will not provide full support for ASP.NET websites or applications.

Advantages of ASP.NET

Since ASP.NET is a part of Microsoft technologies, you can expect nothing but the best. As per the statistics by builtwith.com, as of October 2013, from the top 1 million sites, 167812 sites are using ASP.NET technology. From these 167812 websites, around 11000 are business websites and 5000 shopping websites. As per the aggregated live websites, using ASP.NET, there are about 33,862,546 websites recorded by builtwith.com. Some of the popular websites using ASP.NET include, tripadvisor.com, nationalgeographic.com, nytimes.com, 3m.com, msn.com, bankofamerica.com, godaddy.com, and of course, Microsoft.com. So, why do the owners of these websites opt for ASP.NET development? Here are the reasons.

• ASP.NET radically reduces the amount of code required to build large applications. This means quick solutions. Besides, since the amount of code is lean, the maintenance as well as the upgrade will not be a daunting task.
• Microsoft is always known for its security mechanism. With built-in Windows authentication and application settings, the ASP.NET developers can build safe and secure ASP.NET websites and web applications.
• High performing websites and web applications since ASP.NET uses dynamic translation, early binding, and caching services.
• Since the source-code is deployed and executed on the web server, the website or web application will be quick to respond.
• With built-in configuration information, it is easy for developers to deploy the website or web application.

So, to conclude, if you need a secure, quick and high performing website or web application solution that is easy to maintain, as well as easy to upgrade in the future, choosing ASP.NET development is certainly worthwhile. In contrast to open source technologies, ASP.NET could be a tad expensive, but since security matters, which open source technologies often lack, choosing ASP.NET is not a bad idea.






Situations Where PPC is Better Than SEO

There are two most common (and effective) ways to bring visitors to your website—search engine optimisation, aka SEO, and pay-per-click, the PPC. Both SEO and PPC are useful components of your internet marketing strategy. And using both of them simultaneously can render excellent results. While SEO is free (as long as you do it on your own), there are some situations when it is logical to use PPC advertising instead.


PPC, the pay-per-click, is precisely what its name suggests—you pay for each click on your ad to the ad publisher. The most popular PPC ad publishers today are Google AdWords, Yahoo advertising, Bing Ads, and Facebook Atlas. Using a PPC model, you can get your ad (the link to your website) into the sponsored results section of the search engines whenever someone types in the keywords that you have set relating to your website or nature of business.

Search engine optimisation, in a nutshell, refers to the techniques that site owners (or SEO experts if site owners do not feel like doing it themselves) use to increase backlinks to their website so that it can improve its visibility or position in various search engines. SEO also includes optimising website’s web content, meta title, meta description, and HTML.

As per the studies, more than 80 percent of website traffic comes from different search engines. Therefore, getting your website into a conspicuous position where internet users will click it, whether through pair PPC advertising or free SEO, is very important to the success of your business.

Situations when pay-per-click model is the better choice

While you want to get as much traffic as possible through free SEO approaches, there are some situations when it is sensible to depend on PPC model. Here are those situations:

1. Choose PPC when you need quick results. It takes a lot of time to achieve good results through SEO techniques. If you need instant traffic to your website, however, PPC is the best resource. As soon as your PPC ad is set up, the search engines will display it, and internet users will start clicking it. If you are advertising an upcoming event or launching a new product, then PPC is the best method for gaining immediate web traffic.

2. Choose PPC when you want to get specific web traffic. PPC model enables you to display your ad only to people who fit your demographic criteria. You even have the options to target a certain age group, particular region, specific device, and even as per time of day and day of the week. If your business provides region-specific products and services, PPC is an ideal way to ensure your website is displayed to the right audience. Getting a few targeted visitors on your website is always better than getting hundreds of people who have no interest in what you are dealing.

3. Choose pay-per-click when you get a new website or if SEO proves ineffective. As mentioned in the first point, SEO takes a lot of time to achieve good results. Therefore, if you want instant results for your new website, PPC will prove as an excellent choice. Besides, there are some websites (mostly single page, responsive websites, which are in trend) that do not see any results despite continuous SEO efforts. For such websites too, PPC can help generate good web traffic.

4. Employ PPC when you are using a landing page or a squeeze page. A landing page lacks enough content, while in order for SEO to work, plenty of informative content is needed. Therefore, if you are using a landing page or squeeze page, PPC will be the best resort to gain more web traffic.

5. Choose PPC for the time-sensitive offers. A typical SEO campaign will not yield any results if you are promoting a time-limited product, service, or an event like a flash sale or end-of-season discount. Employ a PPC campaign to get web traffic to your offer instantly so that you can maximise on your time-limited offer. With PPC, you have the full flexibility—you can run the campaign for a few days or just for a few hours.

6. Use pay-per-click to get your website in the top of the search results. As per various studies, most internet users notice and click only the links in the top section of the search result when searching for something. You can employ PPC to list your website above organic search results and create an opportunity to receive more traffic.