Time for you to update your website to WordPress 4.3.1

If you are running a WordPress based website then it is indeed a time for you to update it with the latest release WordPress 4.3.1, wherein various security aspects has been addressed in the release.

Updating the WordPress site to WordPress 4.3.1 have already been strongly encouraged by WordPress towards the community and web administrator, and that too on an immediate basis.

During this latest security release, three major vulnerabilities, which was found in previous versions is addressed. This includes vulnerabilities found in potential privilege escalation and the two cross-site scripting. The three primary vulnerabilities which was addressed are as follow:

o   It was reported that earlier version, WordPress 4.3 was vulnerable to a cross-site scripting, while processing shortcode tags.

o   Another separate cross-site scripting vulnerability, which was found in the user list table.

o   The last addressed issue was the with the private posts, which in some case could be published and made sticky by users without proper permission.

Apart from the above three, WordPress 4.3.1 also addressed and fixed twenty-six bugs, which were found in the earlier version.

Knowledge Source: WordPress.org