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Need a mobile app? iCrayons, one of the reliable mobile app development companies in London, can help.

Mobile apps, whether iPhone apps, Android apps, or Cross-Platform apps, can be a great investment for a business entity. A mobile app can help serve the customers better; it can create a brand value; it can generate some extra revenue for a business entity. In this day and age, investing in mobile apps is not such a bad idea at all.

In order to have a great mobile app, it is essential to team up with a reliable mobile app development company that is competent with iPhone app development, Android app development and/or Cross Platform mobile development. Only a reliable mobile app development company will ensure that the app is completed on time, on budget, and as per the specific requirements. Partnering with inexperienced companies or freelance developers may result in delays, increase in costs and/or failure in the completion of the app development project.

We at iCrayons have been in business for many years now, and we have some of the best mobile app developers in London. iCrayons has the expertise in iPhone app development, Android app development, Windows Phone app development as well as Cross Platform mobile development. We can deliver amazing solutions in mobile app development. Our mobile app development pricing is also competitive, so even the small business entities can approach us for iPhone app development, Android app development or Cross Platform app development.

Apart from mobile app development, we at iCrayons also provide App Store Optimisation services in London, which are geared toward improving the visibility of the mobile apps in their respective app stores. By improving the visibility of the mobile apps in the app stores, we can help drive more downloads, improve business entity’s credibility, and generate some extra revenue through mobile apps. Just contact us at by filling a “Quick Inquiry Form” to learn more about our App Store Optimisation services.

At iCrayons, we also provide other vital business solutions. These include web design, bespoke CMS development, Ecommerce development, CRM development, software development, web app development, and internet marketing to name a few. Browse through our site to learn more about our services.

SEO For E-Commerce

How to Optimize Your Online Store for Search Engines?

The days are gone when search engine optimization was everyone’s cup of tea. Nowadays, SEO is a complicated procedure, and this is because of constantly changing SEO algorithms by search engines like Google and Bing. It is recommended to hire an SEO company to take care of your SEO activities and to promote your business in search engines, because if you do it wrong, search engines will throw your website into the darkness where no one will ever find it.

If you are considering Search Engine Optimization for your ecommerce website, then make sure you hire an experienced SEO company. SEO for ecommerce websites is totally a different process compared to typical business websites. Search Engine Optimization for an online store is a tricky process because you have to optimize more than thousands of products listed on your website to gain better rankings in SERPs. If you are planning SEO for your ecommerce website, then here are some basic SEO tips to help your online store rank in search engine results.

Tip #1 Alt-Text All Your Product Images

This is one of the oldest and effective tips you will ever find. Adding Alt-Text to images of products listed on your website will help you rank in search results. The reason why you should add Alt-Text to product images is because search engines and their crawlers are not designed to read images; hence, Alt-Text will help them read and index those products.

Tip #2 Make Wise Use of Internal Linking

The authoritative link building is still one of the best ways to make your business visible in the top search results. Now, along with authoritative link building, you can also take advantage of internal link building by adding a feature products link on the home page, hot product links on the home page and similar.

Tip #3 Store Blog to Promote Products & Offers

Adding a blog to your ecommerce store will bring plenty of SEO advantages. You can use this store blog to promote your products, new offers, discount coupons, etc. Moreover, this informative store blog will offer fresh and original content to search engines; which in return will boost your rankings.

Tip #4 Describe Your Products Clearly and Precisely

Product descriptions are your chance to give your best shot if want your online store to beat the competition. Be creative, original and try to frame 100% useful product descriptions that can help your customers and also search engines to index the product and rank your website. Try to integrate useful keywords, and be realistic and relevant to your words.

Tip #5 Avoid use of Duplicate Content

This is what every search engine hates – use of duplicate and low-quality content. Whether you are writing product descriptions, blogs, press releases, promotional contents or anything else for your online store, be sure not to use the recycled or duplicate content. Websites using duplicate content are at higher risk of getting penalised by search engines.

Hire Ecommerce SEO Specialists in London, UK

If you need help in promoting your online business / ecommerce website in search engines, then iCrayons can help. We are one of the leading SEO companies in London offering rewarding SEO services to small and large businesses in London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

To discuss how our SEO consultants can help your online store rank in a competitive market, please feel free to contact us at For a free SEO quote and consultation, we request you to send us your website details at