Magento Ecommerce Development UK

Need a quality Ecommerce solution that can help you sell your products and services to your local as well as global customers? Contact us at iCrayons and seek our Magento Ecommerce development services.

iCrayons is a full-service digital agency that provides quality Magento Ecommerce development services in the UK. Using the popular Magento Ecommerce platform in conjunction with PHP programming language, MySQL database, and common web components, our skilled Magento developers in the UK, deliver remarkable Ecommerce solutions. Whether you need a small Ecommerce site to sell a few products or a large Ecommerce site to sell thousands of products, we at iCrayons will deliver it.

We have considerable experience in Magento development that allows us to create personalized online store solutions as per your precise requirements. We can help integrate popular payment gateways, shipping APIs, 3rd Party APIs, and more to enable you to sell your products online efficiently. Our Magento Ecommerce solutions are SEO-friendly, mobile-ready, and also come with marketing and promotional features built-in so you can improve your sales. Overall, with our Magento Ecommerce development expertise, you will have a beautiful and prolific solution that really works for you.

Along with Magento development, we also provide Magento theme development, Magento module development, Magento site migration, Magento site upgradation, and Magento site maintenance services. We also offer effective SEO services for your Ecommerce site!

To learn more about Magento Ecommerce development in the UK at iCrayons, kindly contact us at

Also note that, along with Magento Ecommerce development, we also have expertise in bespoke software development, CRM development, web application development, as well as iPhone / iPad application development, Android application development, Windows application development, and Cross Platform application development. Browse through our site, to discover more about our expertise.

Responsive Web Design Services

Is Your Business Website Mobile-Friendly? Contact iCrayons for Responsive Web Design Services in the UK

It is essential to have your business website mobile-friendly. If it isn’t mobile-friendly, then you are missing a lot.

Mobile-friendly web design or responsive web design is the current standard. It allows users across diverse devices access the website seamlessly. A site with responsive web design eliminates the need of having separate websites for mobile users and tablet users.

Mobile-friendly, responsive websites transition themselves spontaneously and make it user-friendly for people accessing the site from varied devices with varied screen sizes and orientations. In simpler words, a responsive site delivers a uniform user experience to anyone who accesses the site from any devices. The viewing and interacting experiences with the site also remain even across different devices.

Google too advises that businesses should consider mobile-friendly, responsive web design. By adopting a mobile-friendly, responsive web design, businesses will do quite well in the Google’s search results. Besides, a large number of people today accesses websites through their smartphones and tablets, so serving them with a mobile-friendly site that renders perfectly on small devices will actually do good for the business.

Many businesses today have adopted mobile-friendly, responsive web design, and they are doing quite good in the online space. If you still have not adopted mobile-friendly, responsive web design for your website, then you should adopt it quickly – it’s not too late yet. Serve your potential customers with a beautiful mobile-friendly responsive site, and do better business in the online space.

If you need help adopting a mobile-friendly, responsive web design, just contact skilled web designers in the UK at iCrayons. We at iCrayons are one of the most reliable web design firms in the UK and can help you transform your non-responsive business website to a nice, mobile-friendly responsive website. We are affordable as well!

To get in touch with the skilled web designers in the UK at iCrayons, just call +44 (0) 208 123 1618 or send in your inquiry at


iCrayons Provides Quality Web Development Solutions in the UK

Searching for a digital agency that can provide quality web development solutions using matured and reliable PHP programming language? At iCrayons, we provide exceptional quality web development solutions in the UK at very competitive prices.

iCrayons is a reliable digital agency and provides quality web development solutions in the UK. Using PHP, along with different frameworks, such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc., and databases, like MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, etc., our talented web developers in the UK will help you with innovative CMS website solutions. Further, using PHP with Zen Cart or Magento, we can also help you with beautiful Ecommerce solutions. Also, utilising PHP in conjunction with CakePHP or Symfony, our skilled web developers in the UK can also build powerful, productive web applications.

We at iCrayons have been in business for quite some time now, and we have extensive knowledge in PHP web development. Our experience accumulated over the years and ingenious web developers allow us to create amazing web solutions for our clients that actually work and bring value to their business. Our web development pricing is also competitive, and we also ensure to deliver only high-quality solutions.

Apart from web development in the UK, we also provide quality Ecommerce development, software development, CRM development, web marketing, as well as Windows app development, Android app development, iPhone app development, and cross platform mobile development. Explore our site to learn more about our other services.

So, are you ready to team up with a reliable digital agency in the UK for quality web development solutions? Just contact us at +44 (0)20 8123 1618. Alternatively, you can fill a quick enquiry form on our site