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Android App Development – Outsourcing can save money, but only if you choose the right company

All the hype of outsourcing Android app development requirements is enchanting entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe by promising exceptional apps at utterly low costs.

“Save on development costs; dedicate more attention towards your business instead of getting your app developed; get custom Android apps as per your precise specifications.”

Can outsourcing app development really save money and get the results you desired? Yes, certainly it can. You, however, must first understand how some Android app development companies hide expenses that could drain your pocket if you are not careful.

Here are some tips on how to curtail the hidden costs of outsourcing Android app development requirement.

Be Wary of the fixed-pricing model

A fixed pricing may sound attractive to anyone as it puts the stakeholder at easy by constraining budgetary uncertainty. Many outsourcing companies unfortunately lure stakeholders into a deal and hit with absurd additional charges later on. Initially, the app development company will quote very low price to build an app; nevertheless, the scope of work will not include all the necessary or important features. Within several months, the money will be exhausted, and the app will be far short from ready.

Victims of such a pricing model often end up in the forbidden ground. Their original outsourced company has already charged them way over the decided fixed-price budget, yet their app is still too short from market-ready. What should such stakeholders do now? Do they give more cash in order to get the app complete? Do they forsake the original company and start from scratch with another company, which may be expensive or has tricks up their sleeves just like the first one?

How can a stakeholder looking to outsource Android app requirement avoid this disaster? Well, one needs to understand that in the world of high-quality app development, fixed-pricing model is simply impossible. Instead, select an app development company that invests significant time from day one to understand nitty-gritty of the app requirement, and leave the cost to good faith.

Core or essential features go first

The app development company needs to define how the app should work at the end at the outset of the project itself. It seems simple, but not many companies adhere to this practice. Select a company that relies on Agile methodology — a group of application development methods that focus on requirement and solution through collaboration between different teams. If a company relies on Agile methodology, it will prioritize which features are important to users, and will develop those features first. In case a stakeholder runs into financial problems, they can cut off the development and still have a working app — just without the least important features though. The difficult and most useful functions should always come first. Stay away from the app development companies that want to deal with the easy parts first.

Get the team that was promised

If often happens that at the outset, an outsourcing company shows impressive résumés of their developers who will be working on the project; nevertheless, those developers will never actually work on the project. Sometimes, it also happens that during the beginning of the project, experienced developers will be working on the development, but later on, they are replaced with an inexperienced team. A stakeholder will end up with amateurs who are (maybe) working on their first Android app.

Employee (developer) turnover can also be a big issue. In many countries, employee turnover rates are high. During an ongoing project itself, developers quit. A replacement to such developers means waste of time — hiring someone competent, making them familiar with the project and restarting the development. It is dangerous for app development.

How can a stakeholder avoid these problems? Well, investigating the app development company’s turnover rates is a good place to start. Take guarantee that the team that started the project will see it through the end. Ensure to talk to the developers, working on the project, on a weekly basis. It will help know who is really working on a continual basis on the project.

Create a solid communication plan

Some Android app development companies keep the stakeholders out of the process. They suggest signing the contract first, and then they will reconnect once every month or two; this is just a recipe for disaster.

Select an app development company, with an established set of processes that includes daily, weekly as well as monthly correspondences. Ask for full transparency in the project, including a work agenda and complete details about which developer is going to develop which features. The company, on the other hand, should collect a complete contact information about the stakeholder, including e-mail, Skype ID, and personal contact number. Finally, choose a company that can communicate at your convenience.

Find a company that is competent enough to understand your business niche

Even a freelance developer can develop an Android app; nevertheless, will he or she be able to deliver the kind of app that you really need?

If you want an Android app that can really complement your business, you need to find and select a company whose developers fathom the nature of your business and what you want to accomplish with the app. During the sales and analysis processes, identify how deeply the app development company can understand your business.

Outsourcing Android app development requirement certainly can save money, but it is vital to select a reliable app development partner.

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