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Consider Custom Software Development for your Unique Business

Is your business unique? Does it require a bespoke software solution? Get in touch with iCrayons, one of the leading software development companies in the UK.

Nowadays, a plenty of ready-to-use, or in other words off-the-shelf, software solutions are available on the market. Such software solutions, however, may not be able to cater to most of the specific requirements of a particular kind of business. After all, ready-to-use software solutions are developed keeping in mind the standard requirements of different businesses. The businesses that carry out totally unique functions may not be able to use or reap the maximum benefits our of ready-to-use software solutions.

For businesses that cannot yield the benefits from ready-to-use software solutions, the best option is to get custom software solutions. A custom software solutions is specifically designed and built, keeping in mind the particular functions that a unique business needs. Such a bespoke software will not have any unwanted functions, which may cause it to slow down. Instead, it will have only the right functions that would improve the efficiency of the business. A custom software solution works optimally for the business precisely the way the business desires it to work.

The initial cost of custom software development may be high, but so is the cost of ready-to-use software solutions. Down the line, however, the cost of custom software development will justify as it will prove just an ideal solution for the business. Further, your business grows, and so will your needs. If you are using ready-to-use software solution, you may need to forsake it and acquire a new software to meet the growing needs of your business. In case of a custom software solution, you will not need to forsake it and get a new one developed to accommodate your growing business needs. Custom software solutions are scalable and they can be modified and upgraded as and when you need.

Custom software development can be challenging, but software development companies, like iCrayons, can expertly design and build bespoke software solutions for unique businesses.

iCrayons is one of the top software development companies in the UK. The company has professional team of experienced software developers who, using the contemporary Microsoft and Open Source technologies, can build innovative custom software solutions for a wide range of businesses.

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Why Businesses Should Opt for Custom Software Development

As a business owner, leveling your company’s current needs with its long-term growth is not only vital, but challenging as well, especially if you are a startup. Difficult questions arise like whether you should aggressively invest in long-term initiatives or opt for the inexpensive and conservative approach. For instance, whether to purchase off-the-shelf software or go for custom software development is one cardinal question that most companies face when addressing their software application needs.

businesses initially start with off-the-shelf software as it is easily available and cheap, but eventually they will have to face the problem when it comes to customizing it in order to meet their day-to-day operations. When these businesses grow, and their operations expand, the problem becomes even more intense because off-the-shelf software lacks scalability. Ultimately, they will have to invest heavily in a custom software solution so that they could scale effectively. These businesses could have easily averted such problems if they had chosen custom software in the first place.

A solution via custom software development can offer a host of benefits, but businesses should only choose this option if:

a) It can offer a competitive advantage over the competition.
b) You are planning to build a large business that can distribute the cost of custom software development over a large number of customers.

Consider the following questions before deciding whether to go for off-the-shelf software or custom software.

Why should you consider investing in off-the-shelf software?

In some cases, choosing off-the-shelf software solutions may prove to be a more sensible option. Small businesses are the ones that may benefit more by choosing off-the-shelf software; however, they first need to take the following factors into account:

- Budget – The cost of custom software development is high and, therefore, a business needs to rethink whether to choose this option or avoid it. Off-the-shelf software solutions are inexpensive and because of it, choosing such solutions can make much more financial sense for a business with a small budget.

- Time – Developing custom software takes time, a considerable amount of time. Businesses that lack the luxury of time solutions should not go for custom, but choose off-the-shelf software solutions.

- Generic Business – If you have a generic business, such as a general store or a restaurant, then there are many great off-the-shelf software solutions available. For generic businesses, off-the-shelf software proves very effective.

Why should you consider custom software?

Developing a custom software is certainly expensive, but at the same time, it proves to be a good investment made. Custom software improves productivity and efficiency as well as caters to every requirement of a business. However, remember that you need to dedicate significant resources, energy and time for custom software development. Here are some reasons why you should consider custom software development:

• Off-the-shelf Software not doing the Trick: Off-the-shelf software solutions usually address the many needs of most companies. If your business has special needs, for instance, customer management, inventory management, content management, or business intelligence, custom software can be the best choice as it can cater to every unique requirement.

• Off-the-shelf Software is Rigid: Most off-the-shelf software solutions do not allow you to customize or modify their functionality. It may be difficult to add or remove certain features from an off-the-shelf software, leading to too few or too many functions for your business and creating complications.

• Off-the-shelf Software is Incompatible: Off-the-shelf software often does not collaborate with other programs. For instance, your business might rely on Software X to complete one task and Software Y to finish another, related task. If these two software applications do not communicate with each other effectively, they may impede your efficiency. Custom software allows integration of different APIs from different software, eliminating the issue of incompatibility.

The benefits of custom software

Your business is a progressive, growing organization, so your software too should adapt and grow with your company and not remain stagnant. If you do expect your business growing quickly, here are some ways in which custom software can help make it more scalable

• Better Productivity: Applications developed keeping your specific needs in mind can make your employees work faster and smarter. You can have one broad solution, in contrast to having multiple different applications. A comprehensive solution can yield better efficiency because all the data is in one place, and users do not have to shift from one application to another to generate results.

• Competitive Advantage: If your business relies on the same off-the-shelf software as your competitor does, you will not be able to do much to outperform them. By getting a custom software that is specifically designed for your specific business processes, you can gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Remember? A custom software solution helps improve productivity.

• Advantage of Scalability: Custom software has the ability to adapt and evolve with your company. If in the later stages you need more functions, you have the capability to add them in your software. Similarly, you can remove the functions from the custom software if they no longer serve any purpose.

Despite the high initial costs, custom software is a sensible and valuable investment if you are hoping to build a thriving, considerable-sized business. Opting for custom software development to build a solution that addresses your company’s specific needs can certainly make your business stand on top the competition.