Build 2016 – Microsoft to Refine the App Submission and Promotion Process

To help application developers make more money out of their developed apps, Microsoft, during Build 2016, revealed several big changes to the Dev Center. Moreover, Microsoft also confessed to make some useful changes to the app submission process and app promotion. Here are the big announcements by Microsoft at Build 2016:

App developers are now allowed to push updates and data to targeted groups of app users through app flighting.

Different languages can be used for app listing in the Store. This facility will improve the way we communicate with the customers and will also help us in our app marketing efforts. This also means that developers now only have to submit screenshots and store listings in one language if they so choose.

In order to help developers find what content users are seeing more, the Dev Center will start displaying the status of app packages and app metadata updates.

There is a new Windows Store submission API which is currently in preview and being rolled out to select developers in stages. This new API supports submitting updates, modifying metadata, and adding/removing in-app products when submitting apps for publishing.

The dashboard of the Dev Center has been redesigned to work faster and offer more data to developers. Currently, the new dashboard is available for those in the recently announced Dev Center Insider Program.

‘Community Ads’ is the new concept introduced by Microsoft for app promotion. These ads basically endorse other apps within the marketplace and only display when regular paid ads are not available. Developers will earn credits each time their apps show one of these ads and the credits can be used to get their own apps promoted in other apps that are participating in the program.

The concept of promotional codes has been refurbished. From the next month onwards, the creation of promotional codes will take only a few seconds. The Dev Center will start managing advanced promotional codes which can be given expiry dates, have their redemption status checked, and even cancelled if needed.

Live Tile updates & notifications can now be targeted so developers can promote and engage with select demographics.

During Build 2016, Microsoft has announced a lot of new features and products, and all them are pretty substantial. Let us know your comments regarding Microsoft Build 2016.


Its sad But You May Not Receive the Windows 10 On Launch Day

When it comes to computers – desktops or laptops – most of us are using Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 as the operating system. There was a good news for these users, as Microsoft has earlier announced to provide the free update for Windows 10 to them, wherein one has to just sign-up for Windows 10 free upgrade program.

The another part of the story is that most users have already signed-up for it, and was expecting the new Windows to be available on its launch day, i.e., July 29th. Yet, the sad news came earlier in the month of July, when Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s executive vice president of operating system, said in his blog post, “Starting on July 29, we will start rolling out Windows 10 to our Windows Insiders. From there, we will start notifying reserved systems in waves, slowly scaling up after July 29th.”

The person who have signed-up and working on Windows Insider Program, launched in October last year, and have helped Microsoft to find out the bugs in the Windows 10, will be the first few to receive the update on the launch date itself.

Yet, not to worry, those who have signed-up for the free update, will indeed get the update, perhaps after a few weeks / months down the line.