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Cross Platform Mobile Development in London, Manchester and Birmingham, UK

With the ever increasing competition between various mobile platforms and its operating systems, the need arises for a mobile application that can run on all the mobile platforms. Cross platform mobile application development has the capability to create a mobile application that can be installed and run on all the major mobile platforms such as iPhone’s iOS, Windows Phone 7, android, etc.

iCrayons, with its cross platform mobile app development services provides a solution with a universal app that can work efficiently and effortlessly on every mobile platform. This enables the clients’ needs of capturing their customers, who are using different mobile phones with different mobile operating system.

Why Cross Platform Mobile Development at iCrayons

iCrayons is a bespoke web design and bespoke web development company having presence in London, Manchester and Birmingham, UK. With more than 7 years of rich industry experience, we also provide solutions in other domains including bespoke software development, bespoke CRM development, bespoke CMS development, web application development, mobile application development and much more.

With a vast experience and a professional team of cross platform app developers / programmers, we are able to deliver some of the best solutions in mobile app development that is compatible and capable to run on all major mobile operating systems including Windows Phone 7, iOS and android. Furthermore, our team of cross platform mobile developers have a complete knowledge on various cross platform mobile SDKs such as Sencha, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, MoSync, Rhomobile, Particlecode, etc. Moreover, we have overcome the obstacles to cross platform mobile app development such as:

  • Testing cross platform mobile application
  • User interface convention
  • Native executable codes
  • Security flaws in cross platform application

Advantages of Cross Platform Mobile Development at iCrayons

  • Deliver universal mobile application that can work on any iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android and tablet devices
  • We offer native apps for all mobile operating system
  • We offer cross platform solutions with PhoneGap development, Sencha development, MoSync development and many more.
  • Deliver the cross platform mobile application development project in-time
  • We offer regular and periodic updates
  • And much more…

Contact us to know more benefits about web design and web development, mobile app development, bespoke software development, SEO and various internet marketing at iCrayons, London, Manchester and Birmingham, UK.