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“Services to Cater Various IT Requirement”

iCrayons is a web design and web development company with more than 7 years of industry experience. Since inception, we are focused to provide exceptional quality IT enabled services & solutions to our clients. With our skilled and professional pool of developers, we have successfully deployed an array of solutions in mobile app development, web design, web development, ecommerce development, bespoke CMS development, bespoke CRM development, internet marketing, SEO and much more. Our object oriented approach allows us to primarily focus on delivering timely and cost effective services and solutions that brings value to our customer’s business.

Web Design

Websites are the most important medium on internet today to promote your business towards the better future, across the international boundaries. In this modern world, people uses internet and websites for almost everything; buying and selling stuffs, seek information, social networking, online transactions and much more. However, a website must be able to attract the right audience. Web design is an essence for a successful website. The more attractive, informative and easily accessible website, the more visitors the website will have, putting you on top of the competition and prospering your business. We help you to design a beautiful website that is informative and easily navigable by your targeted audience.Read More about Web Design

Web Development

Web Development is a broad term used for the various process involved in developing a website. Web development involves web design, client / server side scripting / programming, website content development, SEO and website security. With our web development services we ensure that a website is in compliance with W3C guidelines along with beautiful design, error free, secure and SEO friendly. Read More about Web Development

Software Development

Software Development is the process of carefully calculating and systemic computer programming that involves writing and compiling of the source code. iCrayons bespoke software development services in UK will suffice all your business needs with the use of all Microsoft and Open Source Technologies.Read More about Software Development

Mobile App Development

The requirement of mobile apps has become a vital need of almost every individual and businesses around the world. And in this modern economy wherein smartphones such as Android, iPhone & Windows Phone have dominated the market, it has become real easy for an individual to find almost every app that he/she seeks for. However, things become much complicated when it comes to the requirement of bespoke mobile apps solutions. At iCrayons, our mobile app development team has the proficiency and expertise on almost every mobile operating systems and its SDK’s. This expertise allows us to encompass our clients need with an app that is crisp, clear, easy, and which is tailored specifically to meet their every single aspect. Additionally, we also have the expertise on cross platform mobile app development that can help you with a universal native app which works flawlessly on every single Smartphone platform.Read More about Mobile App Development

Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce refers to an online portal where people buys and sells various stuffs. Ecommerce websites are incorporated with various functionalities such as inventory management, secure online payment gateways, internet marketing, freight management, and much more. With ever growing businesses across international boundaries the demand for ecommerce development has seen a rise throughout UK and the world. With ecommerce development on all Microsoft and Open Source Technologies, iCrayons offer merchants with many features that will help them to easily carry out their sales proceedings along with managing their ecommerce websites by themselves.Read More about Ecommerce Development

Bespoke CMS Development

Content Management System, broadly known as CMS is a 100 % web based application that allows you to manage every facet of your website. This includes contents like web content / texts, images / photos, video, audio, codes and almost everything that you can think of. Integrated with numerous features, advantages and benefits, the requirement of solutions via CMS development has always been on the rise in UK and across the world. With our bespoke CMS development on all Microsoft and Open Source Technologies, we ensure that our client can easily and effectively manage every facet of his website.Read More about Bespoke CMS Development

Bespoke CRM Development

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a broadly implemented strategy by many companies or enterprises throughout UK and across the world, for effectively managing their business process. This involves management of clients, customers, internal staff, sales and marketing prospects. The main objective of CRM is to increase the business efficiencies, effectively distribute the workload and increase in ROI along with finding the new clients / customers at the same time maintaining the existing client / customers. With our in-depth knowledge in the industry, we can deliver bespoke CRM development on all Microsoft as per the requirement by the industry or enterprise.Read More about Bespoke CRM Development

Web Application Development

Web applications are the rich internet applications that have the same characteristics and features similar to desktop applications. A web application is delivered and executed on a common web browser with the help of browser plug-ins and virtual machines. Web application development is carried out Adobe Flash, Ajax, ASP.NET, JavaScript and few other Microsoft Technologies as well as on few Open Source Technologies. With the wide spread of internet, the demand for web application development in London, UK, has seen a steep upward movement recently. We at iCrayons offer state-of-the-art services in web application development that exactly meet our client’s requirement for any mission critical applications high performance and high availability.Read More about Web Application Development

Social Media Application Development

Social media has become part of people’s daily life. Nowadays, there are many social networking websites on internet that people visits from almost everywhere at anytime like form home, office, college, and even from mobile devices. People tend to amuse themselves on this websites with various games and entertainment applications. These applications are referred as social media applications and there is a constant rising trend of social media application development in UK as well as all across the world. With our rich developing background we help our clients to build creative, innovative and alluring social media application that can be integrated with various social networking websites including FaceBook, Yahoo, MySpace and much more. Read More about Social Media Application Development

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has become an essence for a successful business website. With the help of internet marketing that includes SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SMO (Search Media Optimisation), and more, the targeted / intended audience will be redirected to your website; hence it will increase your chances to achieve more probable customers. We at iCrayons act as internet marketing consultants in London, UK, and help your website achieve higher rank in various search engines with 100 % white hat internet marketing strategies and services such as SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM and more.Read More about Internet Marketing