Asp net Development

What is ASP.NET & Why Choose ASP.NET Development?

If you are tech savvy, knowing what websites and web applications are, then you probably might have heard of Microsoft ASP.NET. You might even know that it is a web application framework. However, do you really know what exactly a web application framework is?

A web application framework is a collection of libraries, templates, tool sets and all other features that help reduce the redundant common task pertaining to website or web application development. Using a web application framework, developers can create websites, web applications, and other web resources efficiently as well as quickly. Since the developers have all the ready-to-use components, i.e. libraries, templates, and so on, all they will be requiring to do in order to create a solution is “unique coding”. By “unique coding”, we mean writing computer instructions as per the requirement of the website or web application. These computer instructions also include various logics. Hope this clears the question about web application framework.


With web application framework out of the way, let us know something about Microsoft’s ASP.NET. Successor to Active Server Pages technology (another Microsoft web application framework), ASP.NET facilitates developers build websites, web applications and other web resources. The framework supports several computer programming languages, including JScript .NET, Visual Basic .NET, Python, and Perl.

ASP.NET web application framework is purely built on the .NET framework, which offers an application program interface (API) to the programmers or developers. For an ASP.NET website or web application to work properly, the developers need to deploy it on a web server, which supports ASP.NET applications. The most common web server that developers use these days to deploy ASP.NET website or web application is Microsoft’s IIS (Internet Information Services) web server. Developers can use other open-source web servers, but they will not provide full support for ASP.NET websites or applications.

Advantages of ASP.NET

Since ASP.NET is a part of Microsoft technologies, you can expect nothing but the best. As per the statistics by, as of October 2013, from the top 1 million sites, 167812 sites are using ASP.NET technology. From these 167812 websites, around 11000 are business websites and 5000 shopping websites. As per the aggregated live websites, using ASP.NET, there are about 33,862,546 websites recorded by Some of the popular websites using ASP.NET include,,,,,,,, and of course, So, why do the owners of these websites opt for ASP.NET development? Here are the reasons.

• ASP.NET radically reduces the amount of code required to build large applications. This means quick solutions. Besides, since the amount of code is lean, the maintenance as well as the upgrade will not be a daunting task.
• Microsoft is always known for its security mechanism. With built-in Windows authentication and application settings, the ASP.NET developers can build safe and secure ASP.NET websites and web applications.
• High performing websites and web applications since ASP.NET uses dynamic translation, early binding, and caching services.
• Since the source-code is deployed and executed on the web server, the website or web application will be quick to respond.
• With built-in configuration information, it is easy for developers to deploy the website or web application.

So, to conclude, if you need a secure, quick and high performing website or web application solution that is easy to maintain, as well as easy to upgrade in the future, choosing ASP.NET development is certainly worthwhile. In contrast to open source technologies, ASP.NET could be a tad expensive, but since security matters, which open source technologies often lack, choosing ASP.NET is not a bad idea.