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Here Are the 6 Features That Define a Successful Mobile App for any Business

Considering mobile application development is one of the best moves for your business in the recent times. A mobile app not only increases the reach of your business, but also takes your business to the newer height in the world led by the smartphone revolution. But, do you know, what are the ingredients required for a successful mobile app development? Well, if you don’t know, then we have shortlisted 6 must have features for a successful mobile app.

Limited Requirements: With a mobile application, you are planning to target audiences with smartphones of different makings, software and other specifications. So, while developing a mobile app for your business, don’t forget to ensure that it flawlessly works with devices of any specifications, because customers are not going to buy a new phone just to use your application. As a solution, you can develop an app with lower specifications and allows customers to have uniform experience.

Loads Fasters: In this fast-paced world, no one wants to wait; therefore, make sure your app loads and perform faster. If your app lags in performance and takes a lot of time to load, then there are chances that your customers may install your competitors’ app to perform the same task. According to mobile app experts, an app should load under 10 seconds (4 to 6 seconds is the best time).

Keep it Simple: You might want to give plenty of features and functions to your customers in a single app, but this is where you go wrong. Try to keep your mobile application as simple as possible and introduce only those features that are necessary. Keep your mobile app simple and easy-to-use even to a layman.

 Social Network Connectivity: Social networks are an inseparable part of our day to day life, and keeping this point in mind, don’t forget to connect your app with popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Well, by doing this, your app becomes eligible for two major advantages, first; it makes easy for customers to log in your app and second; they can easily share their experience over the web; thereby promoting your application.

 Less Typing: Unless your app in a messaging app, don’t force or ask your customers to type again and again. No one loves to type again and again; therefore, design an app having all the features on the tip of the finger. Take your time and talk to app developers to design an app that is more accessible with a few touches.

Security: Hackers are active all over the world; therefore, app security is a vital question. You cannot risk your customers’ personal data; therefore, release your app with multiple layers of security implementation. This will develop a sense of trust in your business app.

To Conclude: If you are planning a mobile app for your business, then don’t forget to consider these points to ensure a successful mobile application for your business. Want to know more about how the best mobile application is developed? Contact us at


Mobile Apps – To Better Your Business

If you still have not complemented your business with a mobile app, you are missing out a lot. Latest statistics all point that the number of mobile users is more than ever before. Not addressing these mobile users is a big opportunity missed for the business.

A mobile app not only helps you serve massive mobile phone users efficiently, but it also assists in generating revenue (through mobile adverts or paid app model) and developing or improving the brand value of your business. For the betterment of your business, you should definitely invest in mobile app development and get a nice mobile app.

Before going for mobile app development, however, it is vital to decide where you particularly want to spend the money: Android app development or iPhone app development. In order to determine where you want to spend your money, you first need to understand what are the benefits of an Android app and iPhone app.

Google’s Android has a wide user-base, owning to the fact that Android is an Open Source platform and the availability of many budget-friendly, Android-powered smartphones in the market. Because Android has a wide user-base, it will be easy to publicise your brand and create or improve its value with a free to download and use Android app. So, if you want to focus on building or improving the brand value of your business, consider Android app development.

Apple’s iPhone too has a large user-base, but not as massive as Android because of the expensive price tags the iPhone devices carry. This big user-base of iPhone devices in most cases are always ready to spend money for an app! Yes, iPhone users are quite happy than Android users to pay for GOOD apps. Take a note that your app needs to be good, meaning it should be beautiful, intuitive, and productive. Good iPhone apps tend to attract the iPhone users to download and use them. More downloads equate to more revenue for you through your paid iPhone app. So, if you want to focus on generating some revenue for your business, consider iPhone app development.

If you want to focus on both revenue generation and brand creation or betterment, and if money is not a constraint, then consider both Android app development and iPhone app development. Having the same for both Android and iPhone platforms may actually prove to be fruitful.

So not you know the benefits of both iPhone apps and Android apps. It is up to you where you want to spend your money: Android app development, iPhone app development, or both. Whichever you choose, be sure to partner with a good mobile app development company, like us at iCrayons, that can help build innovative and prolific mobile apps.

iCrayons is one of the reliable mobile app development companies in the UK that is competent in Android app development, iPhone app development, Windows app development, as well as cross-platform mobile app development. We have enough experience and talented mobile application developers in the UK who can deliver exceptional mobile app development solutions. Just contact us at +44 (0)20 8123 1618 with your mobile app development requirements, and we will quickly get back to you with a good price quote. Alternatively, you can fill in a quick enquiry form on our site


Budget-Friendly, Efficient Mobile App Development in London

Need a mobile app? iCrayons, one of the reliable mobile app development companies in London, can help.

Mobile apps, whether iPhone apps, Android apps, or Cross-Platform apps, can be a great investment for a business entity. A mobile app can help serve the customers better; it can create a brand value; it can generate some extra revenue for a business entity. In this day and age, investing in mobile apps is not such a bad idea at all.

In order to have a great mobile app, it is essential to team up with a reliable mobile app development company that is competent with iPhone app development, Android app development and/or Cross Platform mobile development. Only a reliable mobile app development company will ensure that the app is completed on time, on budget, and as per the specific requirements. Partnering with inexperienced companies or freelance developers may result in delays, increase in costs and/or failure in the completion of the app development project.

We at iCrayons have been in business for many years now, and we have some of the best mobile app developers in London. iCrayons has the expertise in iPhone app development, Android app development, Windows Phone app development as well as Cross Platform mobile development. We can deliver amazing solutions in mobile app development. Our mobile app development pricing is also competitive, so even the small business entities can approach us for iPhone app development, Android app development or Cross Platform app development.

Apart from mobile app development, we at iCrayons also provide App Store Optimisation services in London, which are geared toward improving the visibility of the mobile apps in their respective app stores. By improving the visibility of the mobile apps in the app stores, we can help drive more downloads, improve business entity’s credibility, and generate some extra revenue through mobile apps. Just contact us at by filling a “Quick Inquiry Form” to learn more about our App Store Optimisation services.

At iCrayons, we also provide other vital business solutions. These include web design, bespoke CMS development, Ecommerce development, CRM development, software development, web app development, and internet marketing to name a few. Browse through our site to learn more about our services.

Mobile Application Development

Custom Mobile App Development Services for Dentist in London, UK

Every business, every industry is busy in taking advantage of mobile apps. Even small and medium-sized businesses belonging to beauty and cosmetic industry, the entertainment industry, fashion industry, retail industry owns a dedicated iOS and Android app to serve their clients more efficiently and effectively. The Healthcare industry is no exception, even most doctors and dentists across the globe have their own custom-made mobile app to help their patients contact them more conveniently. If you are a dentist and don’t have a dedicated mobile app of your own, then it’s time to contact iCrayons for bespoke mobile app development in London, UK.

In the last few years, the trend of mobile app development has greatly benefited the healthcare industry. There are plenty of healthcare firms that have started using custom-made mobile applications because it offers instant services to get connected with patients, staff, and managements. For instance, a doctor or a dentist with a mobile app with interactive features can easily stay connected with his/her patients, staff, keep an eye on the medical condition of patients, etc.

If you are a dentist or a doctor and wonder why you need a mobile app, then here are some amazing features of a mobile app for a dentist that will force you to reconsider your decision; and they are;

1.  Practice Area Descriptions
2.  Push-button calling feature
3.  Appointment Requests
4. Splash Intro with your Logo
5.  Website integration within your App
6.  Location listings with map integration and navigation integration
7.  Before and After Photos or Photo Examples
8.  About Your Practice and Doctor Profiles
9.  Social Networking (Facebook, Blogging, Twitter)
10. YouTube Channel Integration
11. Make Your App Bilingual or Trilingual
12. Custom Home Screen Layouts
13. Patient Forms and Instruction Guides
14. Chat Integration

Mobile App For Dentists – We Build You a Mobile App that Truly Echoes the Type of High-End Practice You Offer to Your Patients.

iCrayons is a mobile app development company (both iOS and Android App) based in London, having the presence in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, and almost in the entire UK. We have more than a decade of experience in creating intuitive and user-friendly mobile apps and games for different industries.

As most of your patients are using smartphones to find your dental services, our mobile apps offer them all the necessary information in a clean, modern and easy to navigate format. To discuss the feasibility, features and scope of your mobile app, you can contact us at or dial +44 (0) 208 123 1618. We also offer a free consultation.