Mobile Apps – To Better Your Business

If you still have not complemented your business with a mobile app, you are missing out a lot. Latest statistics all point that the number of mobile users is more than ever before. Not addressing these mobile users is a big opportunity missed for the business.

A mobile app not only helps you serve massive mobile phone users efficiently, but it also assists in generating revenue (through mobile adverts or paid app model) and developing or improving the brand value of your business. For the betterment of your business, you should definitely invest in mobile app development and get a nice mobile app.

Before going for mobile app development, however, it is vital to decide where you particularly want to spend the money: Android app development or iPhone app development. In order to determine where you want to spend your money, you first need to understand what are the benefits of an Android app and iPhone app.

Google’s Android has a wide user-base, owning to the fact that Android is an Open Source platform and the availability of many budget-friendly, Android-powered smartphones in the market. Because Android has a wide user-base, it will be easy to publicise your brand and create or improve its value with a free to download and use Android app. So, if you want to focus on building or improving the brand value of your business, consider Android app development.

Apple’s iPhone too has a large user-base, but not as massive as Android because of the expensive price tags the iPhone devices carry. This big user-base of iPhone devices in most cases are always ready to spend money for an app! Yes, iPhone users are quite happy than Android users to pay for GOOD apps. Take a note that your app needs to be good, meaning it should be beautiful, intuitive, and productive. Good iPhone apps tend to attract the iPhone users to download and use them. More downloads equate to more revenue for you through your paid iPhone app. So, if you want to focus on generating some revenue for your business, consider iPhone app development.

If you want to focus on both revenue generation and brand creation or betterment, and if money is not a constraint, then consider both Android app development and iPhone app development. Having the same for both Android and iPhone platforms may actually prove to be fruitful.

So not you know the benefits of both iPhone apps and Android apps. It is up to you where you want to spend your money: Android app development, iPhone app development, or both. Whichever you choose, be sure to partner with a good mobile app development company, like us at iCrayons, that can help build innovative and prolific mobile apps.

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