Mobile App Development Services in the UK from iCrayons

Are you considering about getting an app for your business? What do you want: a native mobile app (iPhone app or Android app) or a cross-platform app? At iCrayons, one of the top mobile app development companies in the UK, we have a solid team of mobile application developers who can deliver innovative native app solutions as well as cross-platform app solutions.

Whether you are going for native app development (Android application development or iPhone application development) or cross-platform mobile app development, it is certainly beneficial and worthy investment for your business. By the way, a cross-platform app is the one that can function seamlessly on different mobile platforms.

A mobile app for your business will help you serve your customers in a better way. It also creates a brand name and helps generate some income, depending on the kind of app you are developing and how you are launching it. Freemium apps, paid apps, as well as apps with in-app purchases all can yield come substantial income!

Anyway, in order to have a beautiful app for your business, it is crucial to get in touch with a reliable mobile application development company, which has a team that is experienced and competent with native app development as well as cross-platform app development. Only such an app development company will ensure that your mobile app is built and delivered on time, as per your specific requirements and within your budget. Hiring freelancers is an option, but you may have to face certain issues. Delay in delivery and increase in costs are just a couple of big issues among others when you decide to work with a freelance mobile app developer.

iCrayons has been in mobile app development business for many years now and has some very talented mobile app developers in the UK who are competent with native app development and cross-platform app development. Our mobile app development team in the UK will work on your requirement together to ensure timely delivery and quality app solution that is within your specified budget. Be it an Android app, iPhone app, or cross-platform app that can work on both Android and iOS devices, you can count on us, at iCrayons.

Apart from mobile application development, iCrayons also specialises in web development, E-commerce development, web application development, bespoke software development, CRM development, and digital marketing (SEO, SMO, PPC). Browse through our website to learn more about our services.

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Mobile App Development – A Sensible Investment for Your Business

Did you know that investing in a mobile app is definitely worthwhile? A mobile app can actually work for your business! Mobile apps have the power to generate revenue as well as build or improve the brand value of your business. As an astute business owner, you should certainly invest in mobile app development services and get a beautiful mobile app.

Before making an investment, however, you should decide where you need to invest: iPhone app development, Android app development, or both. Now, how would you do decide where to invest? The answer is pretty simple! It depends on what you expect to yield from your app.

If you are expecting to generating revenue from your mobile app, then you should definitely go for iPhone app development. Apple’s iPhone has a lavish user-base that is in most instances always willing to pay for an app. Yes, iPhone users will happily buy iPhone apps. These users are never hesitant to make the purchase. There is, however, a condition here. You iPhone app needs to be beautiful, productive, and intuitive to use. Only such iPhone apps entice the users to download and use them. More downloads mean more revenue for you. A dull app, on the other hand, won’t even get noticed.

If you are expecting to creating a brand name or improving the brand name of your business, you should choose Android app development. It is no hidden fact that Android has a massive user-base. Imagine how far your business name will carry if you have a beautiful Android app that is intuitive, free to download and use. Believe it, your business will earn remarkable popularity when your Android app, carrying your business name, reaches millions of Android users.

If money is not a constraint, and you want to generate revenue as well as create or improve the brand name of your business, then you should opt for both iPhone app development and Android app development, and get beautiful iPhone app and Android app.

Now, as you know what iPhone apps and Android apps are capable of, you should decide where you want to invest: iPhone app development, Android app development, or both. After deciding, be sure to partner with a reputable mobile app development company in the UK, like us at iCrayons. We can help you with both iPhone app development and Android app development. We have enough experience and quality app developers that allow us to ensure quality results at budget-friendly pricing. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation mobile app development quote.