A Few Good Reasons to Hire a PPC Agency

To attract more website traffic in this digital marketing era, businesses have two options— Search Engine Optimization aka SEO and pay-per-click advertising, which otherwise known as, PPC advertising. SEO and PPC have their own pros and cons, but for effective results, it is essential to incorporate both to your marketing strategy.

The SEO can be a long and slow process, and with high competition and unanticipated algorithm updates, it is forcing more businesses to spend more of their internet marketing budget for PPC advertising. PPC is attractive, yielding quick results, driving more traffic that is adequate to a website. It, however, has a drawback—carrying out a PPC campaign requires a great deal of knowledge, and of course, experience to do it properly.

Most business owners will simply create an AdWords campaign and naively overspend their budget with no results whatsoever. In order to start and manage a campaign, it takes considerable experience and deep insight on how Google AdWords or PPC works.No wonder why internet marketing agencies charge some fee to handle any PPC campaign. Here are some reasons why you should seek and hire a professional to manage your pay-per-click advertising.

To constantly monitor and properly optimize your pay-per-click campaign

Being a business owner, you are already too busy managing day-to-day business activities. And to run a successful PPC campaign, it requires constant monitoring and optimizing, which would not be possible since you are already too busy. With PPC, you are spending some amount for every click and, therefore, you need to ensure that the campaign runs perfectly so to take benefit of and convert much of the traffic.

PPC is rising in popularity, and because of the rise in popularity, its costs are also increasing. If you don’t have enough time to dedicate towards your PPC campaign, it is a prudent decision to employ a professional internet marketing agency to handle it for you.This way, you don’t have to worry about wasting money on PPC while at the same time you can have good results with PPC and also focus your entire attention running your business and its everyday operations.

To configure AdWords properly

Google’s AdWords settings can be quite complicated, and this is true especially if you are just getting started with it. Google AdWords has plenty of settings that help optimize and get maximum out of a pay-per-click campaign. From all those, if something as simple as geo targeting setting goes wrong, it could result in budget inappropriately spent in just a matter of a few minutes.

Imaging creating an account, setting your source of payment, creating your PPC ads, and then making the campaign live just to learn that you shell out $2,000 worth of pay per clicks in few minutes, and you received traffic that doesn’t even belong to your country. It would be your money wasted. Such a thing can happen and not just with geo targeting setting. There are many settings that have to be configured correctly so to have a successful campaign. By hiring an expert PPC agency, you will not have to worry about configuring your AdWords properly, or about your budget being inappropriately spent.

To help select the right keywords

Various subscription-based keyword research programs and the Google’s own Keyword Planner tool are available, which can give you some ideas about the keyword. They are, however, just tools. They, at their best, will simply assist you and will not offer you a solid list of keywords that guarantee to work well for you PPC.

Every business is different, requiring a unique keyword strategy that works well. Choosing the keywords without research can bring in a significant amount of traffic, but hardly any conversions. Therefore, a good keyword research is necessary, and such research should be on a continual basis. Good keyword research helps eliminate poorly performing keywords, and at the same time, helps discover keywords that work well for your campaign. Keyword research is not an easy task and it requires experience and expertise of a professional agency.

To write ad copy

One of the crucial aspects of a PPC campaign is a strong ad copy. You could have the right keywords and a beautiful landing page, but if you do not have an effective ad copy, which can attract any clicks, your entire campaign is certainly dead in the water.

More clicks eventually result in a better conversion rate; hence, ensure that the ad copy of your campaign is well-written, which can attract more people. A bad ad copy prevents your potential customers from clicking on or even noticing your ads. It, in a worst case scenario, results in clicks without any conversions because people might mistook your ad completely for something else. Hire PPC professionals to write an ad copy, as they know how to create an effective ad copy.

Aside from all the above, a PPC agency can assist you with many things, including point out landing page problems, constant tracking, analyzing, and optimizing the campaign, provide monthly reports and more. Such an agency has all the resources that specifically focus on the success of any PPC campaign. If you are spending some money on PPC, it is not a bad idea to hire a professional to do it for you.

Struggling With Your PPC Campaign? 5 Tips for Setting Up a Productive PPC Campaign in 2014

If you are planning to enter the world of PPC, you will find it bit confusing and complex. There is a lot of information you need to concentrate on and, if you are a newbie, the rules regarding keywords and setting up a campaign can seem a little frustrating. However, the good news is it is not actually that hard to manage your PPC campaign and make it work for you. Here are some important tips for tuning-up your PPC campaign to fit your business.

Be as Specific as Possible and Be Unique

In a PPC campaign, keywords play a crucial role, so there is no room for generalization if you want to turn a sale. Ensure that everything about your business’s Pay Per Click campaign is specific and unique. This includes both keywords and ad copy. There is a habit to focus on generalized keywords, but here you will find a lot of competition, and hence high priced bids. Instead of generic keywords long tailed keywords work much better, not only do they attract relevant traffic, but also they are more likely to turn into a conversation (what we call lead, sale, or download).

Make Your Landing Page Customer Ready

We know, all PPC ads direct traffic towards a defined landing page on your website; therefore, ensure that the landing page is related to the ad copy otherwise you could be penalized and have to pay more for that specific click or your ad may not show up, at all. Also, don’t guide a visitor to a page that has exactly the same content as on your ad copy. Expand the subject matter with as much information as possible about the service/product, or special offer so that your end-users are motivated to make the deal.

Call to Action

It is necessary to have a call to action on your landing page, i.e. contact us for more information, fill the contact us form, or include a contact number. You also need to ensure that the page is equally attractive and appealing and is easy to navigate. Within a few seconds, a visitor decides whether to stay on the website or not. Therefore, good look and feel of your landing page is essential.

Utilize ad Extensions

Take advantage of ad extensions (Google AdWords). Here, you are able to add your contact details, along with additional site links, location extensions, and social extensions to your ad, offering the potential visitor with a range of subject matters from which to choose to click on.

Review and Tweak Frequently

Most business owners make the mistake of thinking they can relax and wait once they have produced an ad. It is essential to observe how well the ad is doing and if it is not, make suitable changes to boost its productivity. Are visitors clicking the ad? If they are, how long are they staying on the site? Check in repeatedly to examine how well your PPC campaign is doing and what you could probably change. If you wish to stay ahead and above the ordinary service providers, you need to be constantly working at driving new traffic to your site.

Above all, PPC does take a time and commitment. If you simply generate the ad, sit back, and watch, you could find yourself losing a lot of money. At the initial stage, you have to spend a little money, but once you have set up your campaign, ad groups, keywords and negative keywords, you will find the immediate increase in traffic is well worth the time and effort invested.