Instances When PPC is More Helpful

There are two crucial ways to get potential customers (web visitors) to your website: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO and Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising. Both SEO and PPC are effective parts of your overall marketing strategy, and you will perhaps want to use both the methods for good results. SEO is free (as long as you carry it out by yourself) and can help you put your website at the top of the search results for certain terms, but there are some instances where you may want to consider PPC instead of SEO.

PPC Advertising vs. SEO

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is exactly how it sounds – as a website owner, running a PPC campaign, you pay for each click that internet users make on your ad. The most popular PPC programs available include Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Advertising, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads. You can consider PPC marketing to show your ad in the sponsored section of the popular search engines or social networking sites when someone types in the words that match the keywords of your advertisement.

SEO or search engine optimisation involves various techniques that you or perhaps an SEO specialist on your behalf carry out to move your website to the first page of popular search engines.

More than 80% of web traffic comes from popular search engines. Therefore, in order to be successful in your online venture, it is extremely important to get your website into a top position, whether through SEO or PPC advertising, where your potential customers will actually see it and click on it.

Instances When PPC is More Helpful

As a business owner, you would want to get as much free traffic as possible to your website, but there are cases when you need to consider PPC marketing. Here are some common cases where PPC proves to be more helpful.

  1. Consider PPC when you need a specific kind of web traffic. When you use PPC advertising, you have the option to display your ad only to certain people who fit into your specific demographic criteria. You can show your ad to people in a certain region, to a certain age group, to people interested in certain topics, and so on. If your business provides targeted products or services, pay-per-click advertising is an ideal way to ensure your website is displayed to the right people. Having a few targeted visitors to your website every day is better than having hundreds of visitors who have no interest in your business!
  2. Consider PPC when you need instant results. Getting your website into the top position with search engine optimisation takes some time. Eventually, getting enough traffic to your site will also take some. If you need immediate website traffic, however, consider PPC marketing. As soon as your ad is approved, it will be displayed where it really matters – people will immediately see it and start visiting your site. If you are launching a new product, running a seasonal promotion, or participating in some event, PPC is the best way of gaining instant web traffic.
  3. Consider PPC for your new website. If you are launching a new website and seeking immediate web traffic, then PPC marketing can help a lot. Of course, you need to consider SEO as well from the onset, but getting web traffic through SEO takes time; hence, for instant web traffic to your new site, consider PPC advertising.
  4. Consider PPC if SEO is not working. Sometimes, SEO may not work as effectively as you would have liked due to poor design or SEO-unfriendliness of your site. In such a case, instead of redesigning your website and making it SEO-friendly, PPC may prove to be more effective and affordable.

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Hire a Good SEO Company to Generate More Business Online

Do you have a nice website, but it isn’t generating enough business? What could be the problem? Why is your website not generating enough leads or sales? There could be numerous reasons why your website is not performing the way you had expected.

Of the many different reasons, the visibility of your business website in the search engines like Google or Bing could be the main problem. Having a nice website is important, but letting people know you have a website is equally, or perhaps, more important. For that reason, you need to think about SEO or search engine optimisation.

Search engine optimisation is all about increasing the visibility of your site in Google, Bing, and other search engines’ search result pages, so that people are able to find your website easily. When your website is clearly visible to the potential customers, they are bound to click it and land on your site. Eventually, the web traffic on your site will increase, which will result in the generation of more leads and ultimately more sales. Sounds nice, isn’t it? But, how would you proceed with the SEO of your site?

SEO or search engine optimisation can be difficult, especially when you don’t know how search engines work. For that reason, it will be in your best interest to get professional help of a good SEO company. SEO companies have trained SEO experts who specialise in optimising your site and carrying out various activities that are geared toward increasing visibility of your site in the popular search engines. Relying on the SEO services of a reliable SEO company will make your site effective so that it starts generating more leads and sales for your business.

Be careful, however, when hiring an SEO company. Many SEO companies are out there, but only a few know how to optimise and increase the visibility of your site. Those SEO companies that do not know the working of search engines may rely on outdated or inadequate approaches, which could have a detrimental impact on your site. Some SEO companies may even resort to unethical methods, which could, later on, ban your site in the search engines. You do not want to get into such troubles, right? Therefore, when it comes to hiring an SEO company, be sure to hire a reputable SEO company that relies on modern and ethical approaches to improve your website’s ranking in the popular search engines.

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