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Searching for an experienced and reliable internet marketing company in London, UK, which can help improve your business visibility in the online space? iCrayons is a top internet marketing company that provides effective search engine optimisation, social media optimisation, and pay per click management services in the UK.

At iCrayons, you can hire our skilled digital marketing specialists, i.e. SEO experts, SMO professionals, and PPC consultants for a complete web marketing of your business on the web. Our web marketing services are affordable and customisable, so even if you are a small business, you can hire our professionals to gain an advantage over your local as well as global competitors.

Our Internet Marketing Services for UK Businesses

iCrayons is a full-service internet marketing company in London, UK. We have significant years of experience and have helped hundreds of businesses across the UK dominate the search results. If you are a business in the UK, no matter the size or type, seeking for a local digital marketing company, then look no further than iCrayons. Check out what are the things that we can do for you:

Search Engine Optimisation: Our SEO experts in London possess experience and expertise in both on-page and off-page SEO activities. Our team of SEO professionals is proficient in providing fully customisable search engine optimisation services as per your specific business requirements and budget.

Social Media Optimisation: Our SMO professionals in London have an extensive knowledge of popular social networking channels and how to exploit them for the betterment of the business. Our team of SMO specialists will handle every aspect of your social media, from creating a profile to posting influential posts on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others.

Pay Per Click: Our PPC consultants in London have a vast knowledge of Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Our team of PPC experts will carry out thorough research, find the right keywords, and create the best campaigns, which ensure instant and better ROI. We can set up and manage an effective PPC campaign for any business.

Digital Marketing Services in the UK

iCrayons is just not an SEO company in the UK. We are a reputable digital marketing company, which businesses of all sizes can approach for quality SEO, SMO, and PPC services. Whether you need SMO services to improve your business’s social media presence, SEO services to better your website’s rankings in the popular search engines, or PPC services to generate instant traffic to your site, we can be your ideal partner to enrich your business on the web space.

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search engine optimisation

Modern-Day Search Engine Optimization – Facts and Fiction

Since the day of its inception, Search Engine Optimization has changed a lot. A hack lot of old search engine optimization procedures and tactics are replaced by the new techniques and SEO activities. As many search engine optimization tactics and procedures have evolved or changed with the time, here we bring our readers a small list of Facts and Fictions associated with SEO in 2017.

Content is King – Fact or Fiction: “Content is King” is one of the most common phrases you will come across if you have ever dealt the SEO. This is because, search engines like Google and Bing emphasize more on fresh, original and informative contents. Furthermore, fresh and informative content is beneficial for your website, as it forces a visitor to stay on the website for a longer time. Increased time on the website eventually offers your website an added SEO advantage. Hence, this is a fact.

Keywords Stuffing in Contents – Fact or Fiction: As said earlier, SEO has evolved and changed a lot since the inception, keywords stuffing was in trend and beneficial to a website, but not now. As per modern-day SEO trends, stuffing contents with keywords is a foul activity and punishable by search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo to name a few. Keywords stuffing went out of trends long ago, and if any website found doing this by search crawlers will be punished by search engines. Hence, this is a fiction.

Number of Backlinks – Fact or Fiction: Just like keywords stuffing, the quantity of backlinks mattered a decade ago, but now, this is considered as a foul SEO activity. According to Google, buying paid, low-quality and irrelevant backlinks for your business is a punishable SEO activity and must be avoided. Therefore, instead of quantity focus on quality of backlinks. Get backlinks from authorized and high PR websites, as this will benefit your website. Hence, this is a fiction.

SEO Plugins to Make SEO Easy – Fact or Fiction: The internet is full of “Handy SEO Tools” that make false commitments to make your website dominate the SERPs, but that’s not the case. Modern-day Search Engine Optimization is a harmonic combination of hands-on work and SEO tools. To make your website dominate the search results, you need a quality combination of the personal touch and automatic SEO tools or plugins. The only use of SEO plugins or tools is ineffective. Hence, this is partly fact and partly fiction.

 Bottom Line:

Search Engine Optimization is not an easy-going process anymore. Therefore, to ensure that everything is correct, from the foundation to the final point, hire an SEO company or SEO experts to take care of search engine activities for your business website.

Call on our SEO consultants in London to help get your site to rank better in SERPs. We will offer you a free SEO-audit and free SEO-consultation of your existing website.

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SEO For E-Commerce

How to Optimize Your Online Store for Search Engines?

The days are gone when search engine optimization was everyone’s cup of tea. Nowadays, SEO is a complicated procedure, and this is because of constantly changing SEO algorithms by search engines like Google and Bing. It is recommended to hire an SEO company to take care of your SEO activities and to promote your business in search engines, because if you do it wrong, search engines will throw your website into the darkness where no one will ever find it.

If you are considering Search Engine Optimization for your ecommerce website, then make sure you hire an experienced SEO company. SEO for ecommerce websites is totally a different process compared to typical business websites. Search Engine Optimization for an online store is a tricky process because you have to optimize more than thousands of products listed on your website to gain better rankings in SERPs. If you are planning SEO for your ecommerce website, then here are some basic SEO tips to help your online store rank in search engine results.

Tip #1 Alt-Text All Your Product Images

This is one of the oldest and effective tips you will ever find. Adding Alt-Text to images of products listed on your website will help you rank in search results. The reason why you should add Alt-Text to product images is because search engines and their crawlers are not designed to read images; hence, Alt-Text will help them read and index those products.

Tip #2 Make Wise Use of Internal Linking

The authoritative link building is still one of the best ways to make your business visible in the top search results. Now, along with authoritative link building, you can also take advantage of internal link building by adding a feature products link on the home page, hot product links on the home page and similar.

Tip #3 Store Blog to Promote Products & Offers

Adding a blog to your ecommerce store will bring plenty of SEO advantages. You can use this store blog to promote your products, new offers, discount coupons, etc. Moreover, this informative store blog will offer fresh and original content to search engines; which in return will boost your rankings.

Tip #4 Describe Your Products Clearly and Precisely

Product descriptions are your chance to give your best shot if want your online store to beat the competition. Be creative, original and try to frame 100% useful product descriptions that can help your customers and also search engines to index the product and rank your website. Try to integrate useful keywords, and be realistic and relevant to your words.

Tip #5 Avoid use of Duplicate Content

This is what every search engine hates – use of duplicate and low-quality content. Whether you are writing product descriptions, blogs, press releases, promotional contents or anything else for your online store, be sure not to use the recycled or duplicate content. Websites using duplicate content are at higher risk of getting penalised by search engines.

Hire Ecommerce SEO Specialists in London, UK

If you need help in promoting your online business / ecommerce website in search engines, then iCrayons can help. We are one of the leading SEO companies in London offering rewarding SEO services to small and large businesses in London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

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Website Redesign

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Immediate Website Redesign in 2016

Let’s be honest, if it has been several years since you launched your business website and forgot to update it, then this is the time to revamp and redesign your website, both aesthetically and functionally. Web design trends and technologies have changed with the time, and a major shift has been noted in the way people interact with the website on the web. Today we’re going to summarize some of the top reasons why you need an immediate website redesign in 2016.

  1. Is your website responsive? Well, this is the first, and also the most crucial reason, why you should redesign your website immediately. With responsiveness, we refer to how your website acts when it is accessed through a mobile device. A responsive website adapts its design to the small screens so that users can easily navigate the site.


  1. Is your website performing poorly in search results? The search engine is the main source of business online; and if your website is not ranking well in search results, then it’s time to redesign your website. Even the search giant Google weights on mobile-friendly websites. A website redesign can infuse new life into your search engine optimization campaign by addressing issues that prevent your website from ranking in search results.


  1. Is your web content relevant? As the web expands, it is extremely necessary that you update the content on your website, as when required. Welcome your customers with up-to-date information about your products and services. Updated information is one of the strong factors to keep your visitors glued to your website. Don’t stuff your website with an unnecessary and excess of information, instead, be specific with your offerings.


  1. What is your website’s load time? According to a recent online survey, a visitor is likely to leave the web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. This means, if your website is taking more than 3 seconds, then you are losing your potential customers. Moreover, the slow load means the higher bounce rate, and this affects your search rankings. There are several online tools (free) to check the load time of your website.


  1. What about the navigation of your website? Website with poor navigation is equally fatal as slow load time. Poor navigation discourages visitors from exploring your products and services; hence, visitors cannot find necessary information they want. Your website’s content should be clearly organized, accessible within just a few clicks, intuitive to navigate, include the breadcrumb trails that help visitors get back to where they were, and more.


Website Redesign Company in London, UK

This is a great time to redesign and update your business website both aesthetically and functionally. With all the innovations in design, content & development, future proofing your business website is much easier and will help you stand above the competition.

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SEO or PPC? What’s Better for Small Business in 2016

Most small business owners over the web with limited marketing budget get confused between what’s better for their business i.e. Should they go with PPC or SEO? The sole purpose of PPC and SEO is to bring more business and traffic, but the approach, strategy and the path of both is totally different from each other. If budget is not an issue, then a business owner can capitalize on both to achieve a strong search engine marketing strategy and to target the 60%-70% of traffic that search engines account for.

However, if you are one of the small businesses over the web with limited internet marketing budget then, here’s a basic comparison between the two;

Advantages & Disadvantages of Search Engine Optimization

• If you do it by yourself, content optimization is free; however, SEO requires a basic setup to make your CMS search engine friendly.

• You can enjoy benefits even if you stop investing.

• You can enjoy high volume of free and quality traffic towards your website.

• SEO works great to increase your footprint in combination with PPC campaign.

• It requires ongoing attention (need to submit fresh & original content) for better SERPs.

• SEO requires a level of expertise in handling, keyword research, Google Analytic & AdWords.

• It takes time, but simultaneously offers long term results.

Advantages & Disadvantages of PPC

• PPC requires a hefty budget.

• You need to be a PPC expert to setup and handle PPC campaign for your business.

• It requires ongoing attention and management.

• PPC offers instant results.

• ROI are highly measurable and trackable.

• PPC campaign can be initiated in a very limited time.

• Once budget stops, results stops.

• PPC campaigns are usually expensive.

• CPC (Cost Per Click) depend on multiple factors.

So, SEO or PPC?

If you want to know, what’s better for your business, SEO or PPC, then the answer is “It Depends”. PPC is the best way to jumpstart your business’s internet marketing efforts. It offers immediate ROI. Whereas, SEO is a time consuming task but extremely necessary. It helps you create a strong online presence of your business.

If you are still confused, then we request you to contact our SEO & PPC experts for a satisfactory answer to your question. Contact them at