Why SEO is Still a Worthy Investment In 2017

SEO has always been important for businesses of all kinds and sizes. Since it is 2017, there is no reason why you should abandon SEO. In fact, here are some of the reasons why SEO is still a worthy investment in 2017.

More Specific Advertising

With effective SEO, it is easier to reach out to people who are searching for the specific products and services you are offering. And, people who search on Google or other search engines are more likely to make a purchase.

Customers Expect to Find You on Google

These days, people predominantly rely on Google to find businesses that are selling specific products or services. Without SEO, your business will not appear in Google or other search engines. Eventually, no one will find your business, and your website will be useless.

It is Less Costly

In the past, SEO was a bit complicated and costly. With the advent of SEO-friendly websites, SEO today is less complicated and costly. Most websites today take care of on-page SEO factors by themselves, owing to the built-in features or add-on features offered by the latest web development frameworks. The only thing you have to bear is the off-page SEO activities cost.

Reach Beyond Google

With proper SEO, you can extend your business reach beyond the Google search. SEO is not limited to Google, but it can also work with Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu, Yandex, and more. There is a certain percentage of people who instead of using Google, use Bing or Yahoo! to find things. With SEO, you can reach out to such people. Further, strategic SEO can also help you reach out to people on YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

Continuous Web Traffic

Did you know that once you have achieved proper rankings of your selected keywords in the search engines through SEO, your rankings stay that way for a certain amount of time? The effects of SEO last longer than paid advertising, like PPC. If you stop SEO for a certain time for a whatsoever reason, you can rest assured that your rankings will be maintained and potential customers will be able to find you in the search results. In the case of PPC, if you stop it, your business visibility will also cease to exist immediately in the search results.

Ranking can Change

Yes, the effects of SEO last longer, but that does not mean you should stop the SEO permanently. If your rankings are good, and if the situation demands you to stop the SEO, then stop it temporarily, not permanently. Once you are out of whatever situation you are in, start the SEO. Search engine optimisation is a continuous process owing to the fact that search engines keep on evolving from time to time.

Search Continues to Increase

Because of the increase in the use of smartphone devices, it has become very convenient and easier for people to search anything, at any time from any place with their device. Your potential customers today will use their mobile devices and search engines to look for the products or services that you sell. Without SEO, your presence will be absent in the search engines. Therefore, it is vital to consider SEO, even in 2017.

SEO is vital for every business and 2017 is no excuse to forsake it. If you are searching for SEO specialists in London, look no further than iCrayons.

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Instances When PPC is More Helpful

There are two crucial ways to get potential customers (web visitors) to your website: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO and Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising. Both SEO and PPC are effective parts of your overall marketing strategy, and you will perhaps want to use both the methods for good results. SEO is free (as long as you carry it out by yourself) and can help you put your website at the top of the search results for certain terms, but there are some instances where you may want to consider PPC instead of SEO.

PPC Advertising vs. SEO

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is exactly how it sounds – as a website owner, running a PPC campaign, you pay for each click that internet users make on your ad. The most popular PPC programs available include Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Advertising, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads. You can consider PPC marketing to show your ad in the sponsored section of the popular search engines or social networking sites when someone types in the words that match the keywords of your advertisement.

SEO or search engine optimisation involves various techniques that you or perhaps an SEO specialist on your behalf carry out to move your website to the first page of popular search engines.

More than 80% of web traffic comes from popular search engines. Therefore, in order to be successful in your online venture, it is extremely important to get your website into a top position, whether through SEO or PPC advertising, where your potential customers will actually see it and click on it.

Instances When PPC is More Helpful

As a business owner, you would want to get as much free traffic as possible to your website, but there are cases when you need to consider PPC marketing. Here are some common cases where PPC proves to be more helpful.

  1. Consider PPC when you need a specific kind of web traffic. When you use PPC advertising, you have the option to display your ad only to certain people who fit into your specific demographic criteria. You can show your ad to people in a certain region, to a certain age group, to people interested in certain topics, and so on. If your business provides targeted products or services, pay-per-click advertising is an ideal way to ensure your website is displayed to the right people. Having a few targeted visitors to your website every day is better than having hundreds of visitors who have no interest in your business!
  2. Consider PPC when you need instant results. Getting your website into the top position with search engine optimisation takes some time. Eventually, getting enough traffic to your site will also take some. If you need immediate website traffic, however, consider PPC marketing. As soon as your ad is approved, it will be displayed where it really matters – people will immediately see it and start visiting your site. If you are launching a new product, running a seasonal promotion, or participating in some event, PPC is the best way of gaining instant web traffic.
  3. Consider PPC for your new website. If you are launching a new website and seeking immediate web traffic, then PPC marketing can help a lot. Of course, you need to consider SEO as well from the onset, but getting web traffic through SEO takes time; hence, for instant web traffic to your new site, consider PPC advertising.
  4. Consider PPC if SEO is not working. Sometimes, SEO may not work as effectively as you would have liked due to poor design or SEO-unfriendliness of your site. In such a case, instead of redesigning your website and making it SEO-friendly, PPC may prove to be more effective and affordable.

Both SEO and PPC are vital for your website. If you need professional help with SEO or PPC, contact us at iCrayons.

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SEO For E-Commerce

How to Optimize Your Online Store for Search Engines?

The days are gone when search engine optimization was everyone’s cup of tea. Nowadays, SEO is a complicated procedure, and this is because of constantly changing SEO algorithms by search engines like Google and Bing. It is recommended to hire an SEO company to take care of your SEO activities and to promote your business in search engines, because if you do it wrong, search engines will throw your website into the darkness where no one will ever find it.

If you are considering Search Engine Optimization for your ecommerce website, then make sure you hire an experienced SEO company. SEO for ecommerce websites is totally a different process compared to typical business websites. Search Engine Optimization for an online store is a tricky process because you have to optimize more than thousands of products listed on your website to gain better rankings in SERPs. If you are planning SEO for your ecommerce website, then here are some basic SEO tips to help your online store rank in search engine results.

Tip #1 Alt-Text All Your Product Images

This is one of the oldest and effective tips you will ever find. Adding Alt-Text to images of products listed on your website will help you rank in search results. The reason why you should add Alt-Text to product images is because search engines and their crawlers are not designed to read images; hence, Alt-Text will help them read and index those products.

Tip #2 Make Wise Use of Internal Linking

The authoritative link building is still one of the best ways to make your business visible in the top search results. Now, along with authoritative link building, you can also take advantage of internal link building by adding a feature products link on the home page, hot product links on the home page and similar.

Tip #3 Store Blog to Promote Products & Offers

Adding a blog to your ecommerce store will bring plenty of SEO advantages. You can use this store blog to promote your products, new offers, discount coupons, etc. Moreover, this informative store blog will offer fresh and original content to search engines; which in return will boost your rankings.

Tip #4 Describe Your Products Clearly and Precisely

Product descriptions are your chance to give your best shot if want your online store to beat the competition. Be creative, original and try to frame 100% useful product descriptions that can help your customers and also search engines to index the product and rank your website. Try to integrate useful keywords, and be realistic and relevant to your words.

Tip #5 Avoid use of Duplicate Content

This is what every search engine hates – use of duplicate and low-quality content. Whether you are writing product descriptions, blogs, press releases, promotional contents or anything else for your online store, be sure not to use the recycled or duplicate content. Websites using duplicate content are at higher risk of getting penalised by search engines.

Hire Ecommerce SEO Specialists in London, UK

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web design London

How to Thrive in the Tough Competition

How tough has it become for businesses, especially for the startups, to gain a firm position in the market? New and new businesses are establishing every day, and this just pours more fuel to the fiery competition. In such a world, what can a startup do to create and maintain its existence, let alone to gain a firm position?

Well, there are several things a startup can do for itself to build and retain its existence in today’s highly competitive world. One such thing, which is a prerequisite looking at the trend, is to acquire a solid online presence. A solid online presence builds a channel that allows a particular startup to target its potential customers. Here are some steps that a startup should follow, which may assist the startup to thrive over its competition.

Step 1: Get a proper website

Many businesses, startups and established ones alike, often belittle the power of having a website. A proper website, i.e. a carefully designed and built website, enables a business to get the right information to its customers swiftly. Not to forget, a website also increases a business’s reach, allowing it to target more customers than it would be able to with a street-side shop somewhere in the city. With a proper website, a business creates its identity online and allows potential customers to contact it and make them perform transactions, all on the virtual, yet the most happening place for most people. A good website also gives confidence to the customers that the business is legitimate and is keeping up with the tech trend.

Step 2: Get SEO experts to work on the website

As soon as the website is up and running, the next step is to make it prominent so the potential customers can find it easily. For some businesses, referrals and word of mouth suffice, but for others such things will not work. This is where SEO (an acronym for the search engine optimization) comes in. SEO makes a website visible on the vast internet. Not only SEO makes a website visible, but it also helps drive the right type of traffic to the website. SEO also has lasting effects, meaning even if it is stopped for some time, the results stay. Search engine optimization is tough, so it would be a sensible choice to hire SEO experts to carry out the SEO activities on a website.

Step 3: Opt for Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

It will be a good and effective idea for startups to do both SEO and PPC simultaneously. PPC helps gain a website instant visibility in the search engine. Further, in conjunction with SEO, startups will be able to reap the benefits of gaining multiple spots (more visibility) in a single page of the search engines; thus, doubling the chances of getting a visit to the website. PPC may seem expensive, but it is worth it for startups to gain a firm position in the competitive market. Again, just like SEO, PPC management is tough. If done improperly, it can drain money quickly. For that reason, startups should consider hiring PPC experts to handle the PPC management of their website.

Startups that are thinking of getting a website as well as SEO and PPC services for the website, which might help them thrive in the competition, need not need to go searching for different experts. There are reputable web development companies in London that offer a comprehensive service, which includes web development, search engine optimization and pay per click management. Such web development companies in London normally have separate teams that specialize in web development, SEO and PPC. Teaming up with such web development companies in London can prove to be fruitful for startups wanting to build a strong online presence and thrive over their competitors.

Getting Maximum out of your Website

These days, it is not a choice, but a necessity to have an online presence. Having an online presence, however, is just not enough–it is very important to have a prominent online presence or else, online presence will be worthless. Businesses or merchants can have an online presence with a website, but they need to make sure that their website is able to make a remarkable first impression–an impression to make them prominent.

If a website is difficult to navigate or just dull to look at, it may get visitors, but it won’t be able to convert them into customers. And of course, such a website will not get repeat visitors–why would anyone visit a boring or hard to navigate website? iCrayons, a web design agency in London, shares its ideas for getting the maximum out of websites, or to be more precise, make websites that are capable of delivering a solid first impression.

Clear Content

You only have a fraction of a minute to engage web visitors. The in-trend web designs viz. material design, single page responsive, bootstrap and parallax, which deliver pleasing look and feel alone will never be able to help engage visitors. Along with such a web design, you need to blend in clear web content that is simple to understand, yet impactful. Twitter’s homepage, for example, states, “Connect with your friends — and other fascinating people. Get in-the-moment updates on the things that interest you. And watch events unfold, in real time, from every angle.” What could be precise and clearer than that?

Make it Easy and Usable

The Internet is full of bad websites, some with a sluggish performance, some with a difficult-to-use navigation and some simply with a dull look. Ensure that your website does not fall into the category of “BAD WEBSITE.” If your website is easy and usable, you will be able to form lasting relationships with your visitors. It is vital to get your website designed and developed by the professionals. They will ensure that the website is quick to load, easy to navigate, beautiful to look at, and easy for visitors to share it with their friends.

Search Engine Friendly

If your website is not a search engine friendly, you will not get enough organic traffic–it is that simple. People will not be able to find your brand (your website) in the search engine results page. Therefore, ensure that your website has a sitemap, and its site descriptions, title tags, and heading titles are properly filled out. If you cannot do it by yourself, then hire an SEO expert to make your website search engine friendly. If your budget permits, hire an SEO expert for a continuous basis; the expertise of an SEO professional will help improve your website’s visibility in the search results.

Mobile Friendly

Gone are the days when having a mobile site was considered as an add-on; it is a requisite now. Your company needs to have its presence–commanding presence–in the mobile realms as well. Build a website keeping different screen sizes and orientations in mind, i.e. for PC, smartphone and tablet. Once you have a website that can cater to different screen sizes and orientations, monitor its metrics. If you have an increasing mobile audience, then think about getting into the app game.