Why WordPress can be Your Best Option?

If you need a nice website for your business, WordPress can be your best option. WordPress already powers millions of websites and both small and large businesses use it efficiently to reach more customers, locally and globally. Those businesses that do not have enough money or time to own a website should certainly consider WordPress and get in touch with an expert web design company that provides quality WordPress development services.

Considering WordPress has many advantages; here are some of them:

- Open Source in Nature: WordPress is purely Open Source, meaning, anyone can download and use it as well as modify it without paying any license fees. Open Source also means that there are numerous people continuously contributing to the WordPress project, making it better and more secure from time to time.

- Fully Customisable: Owing to its Open Source nature, WordPress designers and WordPress developers can customise it in any way they want without worrying about any sort of infringement. There are already many WordPress themes and WordPress plugins available, which developers can use to customise and enhance a WordPress site. WordPress developers can also create something unique and customise it using PHP programming language.

- Suitable for Everyone: WordPress is very versatile. It is also very intuitive. Not only tech-savvy individuals, but anyone can easily understand and use WordPress backend (CMS) to update their website. In addition, there are many WordPress manuals available online, which anyone can refer to learn how to use WordPress.

- Low Maintenance Cost: If you want to customise or enhance your website further, then it is very easy to find expert WordPress designers or WordPress developers who can work on your existing site. WordPress site maintenance cost is also reasonable unlike the maintenance cost of a site built using any other Open Source or Microsoft technology.

- WordPress Sites are SEO-Friendly: WordPress by default offers many features to make a site search engine friendly. For a finer SEO control on the site, there are several good SEO plugins available for WordPress sites.

- WordPress Sites are Mobile-Friendly: Having mobile-friendly websites is essential as more and more people these days access websites through their mobile devices. Fortunately, there are many responsive WordPress themes available. Using a nice responsive WordPress theme for your site can make it mobile-friendly.

When in need of a nice website, WordPress is certainly an ideal option. Unless you know website development, get in touch with a reliable web design company that can help you with WordPress development or WordPress customisation.

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SEO Service

Effective SEO Services in the UK from a Leading Web Design Company

Are you struggling to get enough inquiries and sales from your business website? Consider effective SEO services from the professionals.

You definitely need to consider SEO services for your business because if your site is not easy to find in the search engines, like Bing and Google, then your potential customers will not come to be aware of your products and services. If the potential customers cannot find your business, they will obviously turn to your competitors who rank higher in the Bing’s or Google’s search engine results page (SERP). You do not want such a thing to happen – right?

Basically, having a business website without any web traffic is completely pointless. It is totally a waste of time, money, and resource in building and maintaining such a website. This is where iCrayons, a reliable web design company that also offers quality SEO services in the UK, can help. At iCrayons, we have a professional team of experienced SEO experts who can fix all the website’s ranking issues and optimise it to help turn your site into a revenue-generating asset. Our SEO experts in the UK also assure good search engine results that can last for a long time.

At iCrayons, we Care for Your Business

iCrayons is a full-service web design company in the UK that provides a wide range digital services, including SEO, Ecommerce development, CRM development, software development, and mobile application development among others. For efficient SEO services for businesses across the UK, we have a solid team of skilled SEO experts who specialise in strategic, white hat SEO techniques to offer a business a strong presence online, both locally and globally. Our proven SEO tactics ensure better rankings in Bing’s and Google’s SERP, more web traffic, and more inquiries for your business. When you consider our SEO services, we assure:

Better Website Rankings

More Web Traffic

More Inquiries

Strong Local and Global Online Presence

More Return on Investment

Affordable internet marketing solution

iCrayons is amongst the top web design companies in the London, UK, to offer customised SEO services as per your specific business requirements, current SEO trends, and business industry. Our SEO experts in the UK take you on top of your competition and create a solid stream of success that suit your unique business goals.

For quality SEO services, UK businesses can rely on the experts at iCrayons. We have the experience and skilled SEO consultants and experts who can help all those businesses that need to enhance their online presence and get more inquiries. Our SEO experts in the UK specialise not only in optimising your site, but they also in carrying out effective off-page SEO activities that ensure substantial online growth.

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PHP Development

PHP Development – For Prolific, Yet Budget-Friendly Web Solutions

Are you looking for a beautiful and feature-rich web solution that is not only secure and scalable, but budget-friendly as well? Consider PHP development.

PHP is amongst the top programming languages for web development. By opting PHP development, you not only get amazing CMS website solutions but exceptional Ecommerce and web app solutions too! Yes, PHP is capable of delivering beautiful websites, CMSs (content management systems), Ecommerce sites, and web applications.

The capability of delivering total web solutions is not the only reason why PHP development is so popular these days. The significant low cost of PHP development compared to web development using other technologies is what makes it very popular for businesses across the globe. PHP is open source, and anyone can download and use it the way they want. If you know your way around web development, you too can use PHP to build your web solution.

PHP is behind many popular web development frameworks, like WordPress, CodeIgniter, Laravel, CakePHP, TYPO3, Symfony, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and Zen Cart among many others. Using any of these web development frameworks, you can create powerful and secure CMS websites as well as beautiful online stores and scalable web applications.

If you are not competent with PHP development, then you can always go to a good PHP development company. There are many PHP development companies in the UK, but it will be in your best interest to hire a reliable one, like iCrayons.

iCrayons is an experienced web design company that provides quality PHP development in London, UK. We have extensive knowledge and experience in PHP development. Using PHP along with the popular web development framework of your choice, we can help you with exceptional web solutions. If you want a web solution based on core PHP, then we can provide you that as well! Our PHP web developers in the UK are extremely skilled in building innovative web solutions as per your precise requirements. With our PHP development expertise, we will help you with prolific, yet budget-friendly web solutions.

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