Time for you to update your website to WordPress 4.3.1

If you are running a WordPress based website then it is indeed a time for you to update it with the latest release WordPress 4.3.1, wherein various security aspects has been addressed in the release.

Updating the WordPress site to WordPress 4.3.1 have already been strongly encouraged by WordPress towards the community and web administrator, and that too on an immediate basis.

During this latest security release, three major vulnerabilities, which was found in previous versions is addressed. This includes vulnerabilities found in potential privilege escalation and the two cross-site scripting. The three primary vulnerabilities which was addressed are as follow:

o   It was reported that earlier version, WordPress 4.3 was vulnerable to a cross-site scripting, while processing shortcode tags.

o   Another separate cross-site scripting vulnerability, which was found in the user list table.

o   The last addressed issue was the with the private posts, which in some case could be published and made sticky by users without proper permission.

Apart from the above three, WordPress 4.3.1 also addressed and fixed twenty-six bugs, which were found in the earlier version.

Knowledge Source: WordPress.org

Why WordPress Development is a Good Idea Instead of Instant Solutions through WordPress.com?

WordPress is exceptional (and popular) open source web software that helps build beautiful websites and blog sites. WordPress is so versatile and powerful that out of the top 10 million websites, over 22% use it. Aside from this, its cost also plays a crucial role for its wide usage. Bearing a GNU GPLv2 free software license, anyone who knows programming can download and use WordPress to create a website. Besides, there’s WordPress.com (a web hosting service provider) as well where individuals and businesses—who don’t know web programming—can go and create a WordPress website for free.

Using WordPress.com is not a bad choice for people who just want to create an online presence with a blog site. While businesses too can use WordPress.com for website solutions, it is not a good choice. Businesses in almost every case need a website in order to cover wider market and get a substantial edge over their competition. Thinking they are getting a free website solution, businesses will not be able to reap much out of the website created at WordPress.com. Despite offering excellent service, WordPress.com limits certain features in their free package. Here are some of the features that are locked by WordPress.com:


WordPress.com does not offer unlimited storage. With its free plan, WordPress.com offers only 3 GB of storage. While 3 GB might sound enough, it does not include storage of music or video files. It means that apart from text and image files, one cannot store anything else. Of course, there is a business plan available that enables unlimited storage. For that, however, a business has to pay $299 per year as long as it wishes to continue having unlimited storage.

Domain Name

One can use custom domain name only with the premium or business account. Individuals or businesses opting free account will get “.wordpress.com” in their website name. Such a domain name will certainly look unprofessional. Imagine ebay.wordpress.com instead of just ebay.com; it certainly does not make an impression (and it sounds ridiculous).

Registering a new custom domain name through WordPress.com is possible; it will cost $18 per domain, per year. Mapping an existing domain (the one that is already owned) to WordPress.com will cost $13 per domain, per year. In the case if a business wants to hide its identity and contact info, it will further need to pay $8.


Unwanted random ads on a business website can indeed mar the impression of a business. When a business or individual opts for a free plan at WordPress.com, they will have to bear with random unwanted ads. The only way to eliminate these ads is by upgrading to the premium or business plan. And the premium and business plans at WordPress.com cost $99 and $299 per year respectively.


WordPress.com does not offer free ecommerce functionality. Under its free and premium plans, WordPress.com curbs its ecommerce functionality. This means that a business will not be able to sell its products and services through its website despite creating it with free or premium plans.

The only way to avail the ecommerce option through WordPress.com is to purchase or upgrade to the business plan. By using the WordPress.com business plan, one can integrate Shopify or Ecwid ecommerce solution to their WordPress website. Again, in order to use the business plan at WordPress.com, one has to pay $299 annually.

Aside from above, there are several other limitations one faces while creating a website through WordPress.com. WordPress is a great platform, but creating a business website through WordPress.com is not such a great option. Instead, a business can approach a professional web development company that can provide custom WordPress development service. Choosing WordPress development over a solution by WordPress.com is beneficial in numerous ways.For starters, individuals and businesses will not have to face the limitations that WordPress.com has.Further, WordPress development by a web development company offers customize or personalize website solutions. The initial cost of WordPress development over the solutions by WordPress.com may seem high, but in the long term, it is very economical as it eliminates the annual recurring charges of premium and business WordPress.com plans.

So to conclude, WordPress is an excellent platform for website solutions. But, instead of choosing instant website solutions through WordPress.com, one should select custom WordPress development service. With custom WordPress development service, nothing is limited—except tech chops!