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Developed and marketed by Microsoft, is a web application framework. Based on Microsoft’s Active Server Page technologies, allows the developers / programmers to build dynamic bespoke website, bespoke web applications and web services. In addition to this, has the multi-language abilities of the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) that allows web pages to be coded in C# (C Sharp), VB.NET, chrome, etc.

At iCrayons, we have over 7 years of experience in bespoke web design and bespoke web development industry along with expertise in bespoke software development, mobile application development, social media application development, bespoke CRM development and bespoke CMS development. This tenure of 7 years have helped us gain vast knowledge on all Microsoft technologies including development, .Net development, C# (C Sharp), Silverlight development, SharePoint development and more as well as various Open Source technologies. Moreover, our developers / programmers are Microsoft certified professionals who are fast learners and quick to adapt to various new technologies. This has enabled us to deliver many top-notch solutions based on development in London, Manchester and Birmingham, UK.

Benefits of Development

The benefits of deploying development are as follows:

  • Safe and secure applications
  • Less coding needed to build large applications
  • Rich features allows to deliver high performance applications
  • Easy to maintain web pages on the website
  • Support many programming languages that best suits client’s application or requirement
  • Easy deployment of development project
  • Applications runs faster on platform

iCrayons Development approach in London, Manchester and Birmingham, UK

At iCrayons, we know the importance of application for the client’s business. We make sure to meet the client’s exact requirement of application development or web development. While taking in any project we follow a simple, yet effective development method. It is as follows:

  • Client’s requirements study and analysis.
  • Software / Application design
  • Integration of various developed / programmed system components
  • Quality check, testing and validation
  • Project roll out
  • Maintenance

iCrayons Solutions via Development in London, Manchester and Birmingham, UK

Contact us to know more benefits about web design and web development, mobile app development, bespoke software development, SEO and various internet marketing at iCrayons, London, Manchester and Birmingham, UK.