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PHP development in London, Manchester and Birmingham, UK

In this modern world, entrepreneurs and enterprises are constantly looking to spread their ventures over the web / internet to gain more business from both local and international markets with the help of a high quality website. PHP is the best technologies available today to create user friendly, high standard, bespoke websites and bespoke web applications.

Hypertext pre-processor, more commonly known as PHP, is the most widely used open source server side scripting language that is used to develop dynamic web pages. It features CLI (command line interface) along with graphical user interface and can be deployed on many types of web servers and operating systems. Over more than 1 million web servers have installed PHP and as many as 20 millions websites are developed with the help of PHP. This has led to the continuous demand for PHP developers and solutions via PHP development across the UK, as well as the world. PHP development plays a vital role in encompassing these requirements with quality solutions in web development and web application development.

Benefits of PHP Development

  • Open Source Platform
  • Regular updates to harmonise with latest technologies
  • Popular with various CMS
  • Ability to integrate with variety of databases
  • Hugh user community around the world
  • Availability of several IDE, add-ons, templates and plug-ins
  • Best tool for ecommerce and online catalogues development
  • Supports several scripting languages such as C, C++, Java, Ajax / jQuery and many more along with Flash and Flex
  • Matured code capable of generating vigorous, dynamic, secure and reliable solutions in web development and web application development
  • And much more…

PHP Development in London, Manchester and Birmingham, UK with iCrayons

At iCrayons, we take PHP as the foundation of Open Source Technology and carryout the in-depth expertise on PHP and various other open source technologies. Additionally, our PHP developers has over 7 years of experience in working with PHP, its various extensions and several other Open Source Technologies. Combined with our vast experience and expertise, we have delivered exceptional quality solutions in bespoke web design and bespoke web development based on PHP development platform in London, Manchester and Birmingham, UK.

Benefits of PHP Development with iCrayons

  • Over 7 years of industry experience
  • Quick deployment of any project based in PHP
  • Low maintenance and execution costs
  • Broad platform support
  • Expertise in various supplementary PHP development technologies including
  • Support of multiple PHP extensions to make development and product rich with more functions
  • Compatible with HTML, HTML 5 and other development packages

iCrayons Solutions to PHP Development in London, Manchester and Birmingham, UK

Contact us to know more benefits about web design and web development, mobile app development, bespoke software development, SEO and various internet marketing at iCrayons, London, Manchester and Birmingham, UK.