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phpBB Development in London, Manchester and Birmingham, UK

phpBB (abbreviated for PHP Bulletin Board) is a widely used free open source internet forum package built on open source PHP scripting language. Integrated with several features such as flat message structure, full text search, hierarchical sub forums, plugins, etc. along with support for multiple database engines including MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, SQlite and Oracle. These incorporated features allow phpBB development to deploy solutions for small group to a large multi category board for a corporate website.

Key Features of phpBB Development

  • General Features – free and open source internet forum package, written in PHP programming language.
  • Security – password hashing, paid code security audit, type aware parameter handling and database layer.
  • Anti spam tools – CAPTCHA confirmation, flood control, user banning & suspension, warnings, user logging, report posts & private messages and post approval
  • Basic features – UTF-8 support, XHTML 1.0 strict compliant, user preferences, moderation, administration, search engine spider handling, unread message tracking and private message system
  • Registration – COPPA registration, limit registration attempts, username & password length, password complexity, allow/disallow duplicate emails
  • Data management – MySQL, Microsoft SQL server, PostreSQL, Oracle database, Firebird, SQlite, backup and restore
  • Posting – flat topic structure, attachments, similes and emoticons, quoting, word censors, highlight, etc.
  • Caching – template caching, database query caching, manually refresh cache
  • Styles – user selectable styles, customised style components
  • Permissions – group based permissions, user based permissions, permission masks
  • Attachment – multiple attachment, attachment placement, attachment types
  • Administration – load settings, prune inactive users, manage ranks, manage groups, user editing, topic icons
  • Forums – categories, password protected forums, URL redirect forums, forum rules, sub forums, print & email topic, bookmark topics
  • Search system – full text native, customised forum search, customised forum search, author search, advance search,
  • Users – avatars, signatures, ranks, friend list, users online list, user preference & profile settings
  • Plugins – authentication plugins, search plugins, CAPTCHA plugins, and many more.
  • Moderators – global moderators, forum moderators, forum topic logs, post editing, post locking, post details
  • Usergroups – group type, custom group colour, group ranks & avatars, multiple group leader
  • Private Messaging – Custom PM folders, send to group, address book, multiple recipients, export message, etc.
  • And many more…

Benefits of phpBB Development

  • Open source and written in PHP along with support for multiple databases including MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Firebird, and other ODBC accessible DBMS
  • Several add-ons, plug-ins, sub-forums and templates
  • Multilingual integrity
  • Supports RSS feeds, CAPTCHA confirmation, and helps to build SEO friendly websites
  • Frequent updates available
  • Several selectable styles and patterns available to customise looks to the posting
  • Search facility allowing search for authors, forum, posting, users, etc.
  • Can be cross linked with other open source CMS platform
  • Integrated private messaging
  • And many more…

phpBB Development in London, Manchester and Birmingham, UK with iCrayons

Our phpBB developers are skilled and have experience of over 7 years in working on the entire Open Source Technologies. This competency has enabled us to deliver premium quality solutions to the clients even in phpBB development in UK.

We at iCrayons keep on updating ourselves with the latest technological advancement. As a result our team of skilled phpBB developers are well versed in latest the latest version of phpBB and several other Open Source Technologies.