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iCrayons Leveraging Android App Development Through Redefined Client Servicing

Android-App development

The project management system used by the company redefines client servicing and adds value on both sides. Most mobile app development companies are loaded with all the essential technical expertise to solve problems in an application development project. Backed by a professional team of business developers, every application developer would promise you a great deal that justifies a fair price versus a quality ratio. However, integration of parallel teams working on the same project defines, whether an iPhone or android app development company is worth your time and investment or not.

Unlike other application developers who have a controversial attitude towards servicing, iCrayons pays a great importance on integration of various teams while making them work parallel at the same time. This unique servicing methodology is backed by technical platforms that leverage the connection between teams; while keeping the clients in the loop for every step taken in project development.

Enjoying the status of being one of the most reputed and dependable mobile app development companies over the web, iCrayons has established itself as a brand for android app development and iPhone app development. At iCrayons, we have redefined the concept of client servicing. We love to keep our valuable clients in the loop during the entire app development process. This step allows us to create a closed, yet unique system that looks after easy reiterations concerning to the validation and programming of an application.

iCrayons has been able to produce this atmosphere with the help of a client committed team that is powered by their internal tech platforms for robust communication. To accomplish this, the company puts into the act a project management system, which is like a meeting place where application developers, client servicing and business development experts come together at the same time, to discuss and communicate everything related to a project.

Once the project gets the green signal, a project link is generated, and the selected app developers are assigned to the project. All the project details are then uploaded into the system where tasks for every developer or designer can be seen. Every day, as the project advances, each team member linked to the project mentions the details in the project management system. This is then forwarded to clients for the verification and approval purpose. The same way the entire development lifecycle is followed into a continuous client servicing process that creates value on both the ends.

Here are some of the major benefits that the unique project management system offers while leveraging on the servicing part are:

•    Keeps the clients informed in real time
•    Every developer and designer gets the chance to think and reiterate
•    Gives refined idea on the app concept and development
•    Allows participants to share files through the platform
•    Real time updates on projects that accelerates the app development process

There are thousands of android app development companies over the web, who is offering app development services. While application development for businesses remains a crucial aspect; client servicing and reporting still struggle to add genuine value to the entire development process. iCrayons, leverages on this aspect and identifies touch points to leverage them. Unlike conventional servicing models, usage of technology by the company to engage clients in the development process is praiseworthy and client redefines servicing in the mobile application development industry.

iCrayons is an established android app development company holding prestigious stand in the global mobile app development market. We have different teams of app developers, app designers and project heads to offer that end to end mobile solutions for app development for Android and iOS. Visit http://www.icrayons.co.uk/ to check and to know more about our development methodology.

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